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Teach in the UK 2.0

Did you know that you could be WORKING IN THE UK by September 2023?


And according to the Guardian, did you know that the UK has missed its teacher recruitment target for almost the last 10 years?


For them, there was one straightforward solution -> Recruit teachers from its former colonies like Nigeria and Ghana. And you probably found that to be like a double-edged sword but you knew it was YOUR chance for an INTERNATIONAL CAREER.


As someone who has been teaching in the UK for over 7 years and now in middle management, I can tell you for a fact how difficult it has been to recruit a math teacher. Even with added incentives!


This is where YOU come in.


You are qualified, eager, enthusiastic, ready to make a name for yourself, and not afraid of hard work knowing that it would pay off.


But you feel overwhelmed by the thousands of ifs and buts and official government jargon. You are not sure if you can ever or even qualify to apply.


What if someone simplified the whole process for you, giving you everything you need to make the BEST DECISION?


That is why I have put together this 60-minute INFORMATION-INTENSIVE, VALUE-PACKED and EASY-TO-FOLLOW Webinar happening this Saturday 25th February at 7 pm (WAT).

In our time together, you will

  • learn that you no longer need to pay an agent to apply to work as a teacher

  • have all the tools you need to make an INFORMED DECISION on how to proceed with this teaching opportunity

  • learn of the updated STREAMLINED list of UK Schools, Academies, Colleges and Trusts that are already LICENSED UK HOME OFFICE Visa Sponsors (less than 2% of almost 70,000 sponsors!)

  •  eBook on life as a black teacher in a typical UK state school

  • a summarised guide on the WHOLE process including lists of UK Approved English language centres

  • a BONUS Q & A session 

  • 20% off ALL my resources

  • LIVE DEMO of applying through the TRA portal

  • and many more.

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