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Teaching in the UK

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But before you go, let me tell you MY OWN IMMIGRATION story!


In 2015, I was a couple of months away from being FORCED to leave the UK.

My research contract was running out and none of the grants my professors and I applied for had been accepted.

I wasn't ready to call it quits yet. I really wanted to carry on WORKING in the UK. But I didn't know what job I could get in 2 months.


Someone advised me to go see the University's careers' advisor, Eve.

Eve was truly a God-send!


She told me about an opportunity the UK government had set up to employ PhD graduates to teach in UK secondary schools.


And because I was in desperate need of a job, I accepted her proposal, sent in my application and in no time, I was invited to an interview.


I had no experience of the UK secondary school system and was terrified of teaching a bunch of strange teenagers. I NEVER saw myself as a teacher. I NEVER thought I'd last more than a month!

Here is where my friend, Vera, who was a UK English teacher helped me get ready. It was completely different from the Nigerian system and I WAS TOTALLY CLUELESS!

Fast forward over 7 years later, I am now part of the Extended Senior Leadership Team and the Head of Maths in an Academy. And I have stayed true to my NIGERIAN roots!

Now, it is my turn to be your Eve and Vera! And help you too!

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