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Raising an 'A' Student is available for download as a pdf, or as an ebook through Amazon Kindle or Google Play. 

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Raising an 'A' Student

January 2021

Do you ever stay up at night wondering if your child is going to fulfil their potential by following the academic path they are on? Are you tired of feeling like there is something the education system is holding back from your child’s success? Don’t you long to remove the guesswork from helping your child achieve consistent academic excellence?

Raising an ‘A’ Student is your step-by-step playbook on the most important steps every parent needs to take as your child’s biggest cheerleader. Instead of 101 rules, do’s and don’ts on how to raise an ‘A’ student, this book will guide you on how to develop and harness your child’s cognitive skills.


You would also learn how to:

• Ask the right questions in school choices

• Work collaboratively with your child to plan their future.

• Get your child’s educational providers on your side.

• Secure your child’s education in the best schools for free.

• Failure-proof their tests, exams, and other assessments.


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