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Proofreading & Editing Services

Proofreading & Editing Services

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With over 10 years writing experience and over 30 published papers, I am very well placed to provide a top-notch review, in-depth and thorough edit of your project reports, dissertations, thesis and non-fiction books.


In-line editing, which is more involved than proofreading, ensures your work carries your message clearly, without ambiguity and makes sense to your intended audience.


My aim is to make your work stand out and convey the best possible version of all your hard work.


    60% of cost is required upfront. Upon completion, balance will be required before being sent to you. One free proofreading service is available after every editing job. No refunds after job has commenced. 


    Two versions of your work will be sent back to you via email. The first will have all the changes tracked and comments intact; the second version will have most of the changes accepted to save you time. 

    Additional suggestions and comments will always be provided in the return email.


    Prices start from £15 per 1000 words for every piece of writing.

    Discounts are available for first time and referral customers.

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