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Yet Another Collection of Thoughts

Keeping it simple here with another couple of my recent musings, folks! But wasn’t that just the idea of starting this blog in the first place? To share some of my thoughts with you. Some of which are more serious than others.

Sometimes, especially when you are on a journey to becoming a better and higher version of you,

it can be tempting to just revert to the old ways of doing things, because they’re easier and more familiar. Even when you know deep down, they are not beneficial to your growth, at least not any more.

Resist that urge to retreat and surrender to the old ways which only reinforces them instead of over writing them with new patterns of life. So next time your old mindset or brain neural pathway is calling you back to the old roads, tell it you have moved forward. Forget the past. God is always doing a new thing.

I really like this one. I was in a salon a while back and the two staff there were from two different tribes in Nigeria. Now, I’ve been told I don’t look anything Nigerian. Some people think I’m East African and I have just embraced it. (I uploaded a picture on IG a while back and in the caption, I said, “my sister from East Africa came to visit”, and someone actually commented, “is she from Kenya?” To which I responded, “Yes!” How shall I do? And it was a picture of yours truly!)

Anyway back to my salon story. Because I didn’t look Nigerian, they didn’t speak to or treat me with that annoying contempt of familiarity that comes when some people cross boundaries they wouldn’t have otherwise. I was a customer. End of. And how I interacted with them told them how I wanted to be interacted with, without the cultural undertones. And I was happy with that.

My point? Do not restrict yourself to societal expectations of you, just because you have a particular heritage. You are a unique individual with unique gifts only you can offer to the world. Bring them forth in the way only you can. Live your life in the way that is resonant with your true identity and core values. You’ll suffer less whiplash and identity crisis that come from trying to do otherwise.

To the enjoyment of you, . . .

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