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Pre-P.S.: listening to Synesthesia (by Bethel Music) while reading this, helps.

And there is this lady where I work. She cleans. Last year she cleaned on the first floor. This year she was moved up to clean on the second floor. I work on the second floor. She cleans morning and evening. I see her everyday, almost. She has a great smile. Always asks how I am doing. And it feels genuine – the smile stays on. She gave me a contact for taming my ‘fro. As she wields the mop stick and handles the cleaning cloth, the smile stays. Sometimes I hear her sing. Just writing this is making me emotional. I want to hug her. I want to paint a lovely picture of her. Why?

She reminds me of my mum, yes she really does. I think they would be fast friends.

And then before my very eyes, I saw her working in the kitchen too. And that’s the thing that triggered thoughts of my mum. Technically, she’s working similar hours to me but probably not earning what I do.

It’s likely she has kids she’s raising and I wonder if they understand the level of sacrifice she’s carrying. Everyday. She has two jobs at this rate and I wonder if she doesn’t have a third while she’s neither cleaning nor catering. She probably works weekends. I hope she rests on Sundays.

How many kids is she raising? Is her husband involved? How does she maintain that smile? How is she viewed by the people working around her? Is she educated? Can’t she get a better job? How did she find herself doing this? Was this part of her dream growing up? Emigrating from her home country? How does she go through?

If my mum was in her shoes, I’m sure she’ll do the same and more so we have food in our tummies and clothes on our bodies, beds for our resting and roofs for our covering. My mum would do the same. This I know for I have seen her leg it long to save pennies so we were comfortable, sell her stuff to buy us better, go without to include us.

If I was in her shoes, would I? I like to think I would. I think I’ll do what I can to make sure my family has the basics and maybe a little extra.

I too have worked 3 jobs. I cleaned in a primary school (read about it here), worked in McD’s and served at weddings. All during my MSc year but still finished well. Now I know I didn’t have a family I was responsible for like this lady likely does. But I know I can do what needs to be done to get the main thing done.

In my first post about my mum (TABH 1), I introduced you all to this strong lady that bore me. If you think I’m strong and confident and all that shizzlee, you need to meet my mum. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, they say and that’s true!

This lady at work just reminded me of how strong we women are, and while thinking of writing this post, I read an article called ‘Women, You Matter!‘ which really spoke to me.

How many of us shrink back from what we’ve been called to do, from what burns in our hearts because we think we’re not strong enough, because there are many obstacles, because our resources are limited, because the journey seems arduous? That’s just a cloud hiding the sun, a tunnel to the light.

Women everyday birth and multiply things given to them – positive or negative. Our bodies go through pain men may never bear. From the paid ones – waxing and tweezing, braiding and threading; to those unpaid – child birth and menstrual cycles. Our souls experience heart aches, feelings of rejection, loneliness, stress, being judged and misunderstood. But it’s in those battles, our muscles are strengthened, our resolve is fortified; we partner with Christ as He gives us grace through it all.

Even when and even though we come out with scars, we hold them up in the Son-light as a lighthouse for those coming after us that if we survived, they too will. This is where the ROCK is! 

GOD’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. Whatever life throws at you, you know you can get through this. Do not give up on your dreams just because there are many obstacles – you’re woman, you’re a minority, you’re too brash (firm for men), you belong in the other room, whatever the excuse, put it in its place – EX-USE: it’s lost its use on you.

Ride on girl! Take on your world. Your seed will be mighty in the land. Be the Proverbs 31 woman. Even though unmarried, your husband Jesus, will praise you in the gates of heaven of how well you represent Him on earth.

To your taking your place, . . .

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