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why the alarm went off in the gym

I decided to join my local gym! Haha . . . I’ve never been a fan of gyms but I decided to try it. So online I went. As you may have well suspected, I don’t part with my money easy. If I can get it free, I will pursue that! I hate, okay, maybe not hate; I do not like financial subscriptions and I have to count the full cost first!

But why did I decide to join now? Read on . . .

I have been recently reminded that my body is one of the three that makes me me. I listened to a message on warring wisely, with respect to taking care of spirit, soul and body. I am currently reading a book called Healthy and Free by Beni Johnson (Bethel Church). And I had to take stock of how I taking care of these three parts.

I felt I was not paying as much attention to my body as my soul and spirit, a.k.a no exercise and basically eating what I liked or felt like. So I knew I had to do something about it especially exercise-wise.

The local gym had a corporate offer for £11.99/month + £15 joining fee. Me? I didn’t see what they needed the £15 joining fee for. I can do all the typing if that helps or help with the printing. So I went into the gym and asked for a further discount. They offered me a £20 deal for two personal training sessions. Not what I wanted. So I said later.

They called me the next day but yes, as you guessed, I missed that call. #silentphone

A few days later, I got a text that they had an offer for £11.99/month + £0 joining fee but it ended midnight that day. Lol . . . I went online to check they were not trying to scam me; the deal was real!

Nna, I had to join around 11pm that night! I calculated I was spending £144 over a year to take care of my body which is nothing compared to what I’d spent on mind, soul and spirit education and growth.

The next day – Wednesday, I went in after work, did a body pump class and used the treadmill. I’m officially off treadmills – it made me nauseous! All these fake distance coverage – not my thing!

On Thursday, I didn’t feel much pain especially as I hadn’t exercised in months! I was feeling like a G! Maybe I wasn’t so unfit after all!

Come Friday morning! The real story began. It was war to climb down the stairs. I wished I could slide down like toddlers! Even walking was effort. I had to keep my legs as vertical as possible! My brother was laughing at me! I was motivated to get him the free friend pass the gym advertised!

I went again Saturday morning for a body combat class, a la, air boxing. I put my back into those punches but it seemed like my left uppercut wasn’t swinging right! So guess what I did?

I said, devil, submit your face here, this is for all the wahala you have caused me this year! And men, those punches got more defined! Whaa! Holy anger was building inside me. I could feel it on my face. Every time I concentrated on who I was punching, my punches were slam-dunk!!

Then guess what?

The fire alarm went off! I told myself it’s because of the damage the enemy was suffering! We shaa had to make a quick getaway outta the building! Then it stopped ringing. Then we walked back in. As I was going in, the alarm went off again! I just took my free parking voucher and went home.

My body is in physical pain particularly my left hand with all that warring but it’s all good. It shall recover and get stronger as I plan to be back in the gym doing some more damage. I might even buy me some boxing gloves for good measure.

To your trying new things, . . .

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