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It’s just been about a couple of weeks  over a year since I bought Bumble Bee and I’ve realised how drastically my walking has decreased. I drive everywhere. To make that last statement is a victory in itself. Maybe one day I’ll share that with you. But, let’s continue. In light of my walking deficiency, I decided to walk to town from home on a recent Tuesday. I’ve never done that before.

So off I went with my brother’s yellow headphones under the drizzling rain, singing out loud! I saw one guy who walking towards me even cross the street. Everybody dey your lane. Haha . . .

Here are some of the things I noticed especially as I decided to be present and aware in my walk:


I think dog owners should wear nappies for their dogs if they are not going to clean up after their number 2’s on the road sides! Haba! Spare some thought for us other pedestrians. I’m not really interested in bringing your dog’s poo on my shoes into my home. I don’t have an auto-wash welcome mat outside my house! Phew! It can be like playing hopscotch!!

Walahi! I have forgotten how to walk! I know the journey was about 35-40 minutes each way but by the time I got back, my left ankle was aching like it was asking what I’d done to it! I wasn’t even that physically tired.

There was a house I’d driven past before I thought was painted white and had 3 white cars parked out front. I remembered smiling to myself, thinking, maybe GOD lives there. HE’s moved in, all three of THEM into my neighbourhood. Hehehe . . . Don’t be jealous! 😉

Some people smile genuinely at you when you walk past them; some others don’t. Every (wo)man to his/her smile.

I had to be smart whilst using omye pedestrian crossing as it was waterlogged and cars were flying past. Thankfully a kind man in a blue car, stopped well behind the crossing, motioned for me to cross. I mouthed, smiled and waved my thank you to him. Be mindful of pedestrians on rainy days! Thou car owners!

I went to my local African shop and wanted to buy Poundo Yam. Ola-Ola ≠ Olu-Olu. I noticed the former was double the price of the latter and I asked the shop owner; she couldn’t give me any reason. As an academic, I investigated. Lol . . . I checked the ingredient list. Ola was made from dried yam; Olu was made from rice, potatoes, cassava and something else I can’t remember now that wasn’t yam. New knowledge.

Home Bargains was packed and the queues were long! What were people buying on a rainy Tuesday afternoon? When it was almost my turn to pay, I remembered I needed to buy deodorant but looking back and seeing my followers dismissed that memory speedily!

You can buy a pack of watch batteries for 75p from there and save yourself ~£6 per watch on battery replacements.

All these people out and about around mid-day; don’t they have jobs or are they are all teachers? If it’s the later, there shouldn’t be teacher shortages! #justkidding

If people can smoke while walking on the pedestrian path, I am also allowed to hum and sing aloud and bob my head while on that same path! Equal rights, init? Lol . . .

Walking is a good time to pray, praise, intercede or listen to worship music or a message to build you. As you’re doing something that’s almost on auto-pilot (not crossing any roads oh!), you can channel your heart towards GOD.

I hope to take more walks, maybe to a quieter area than a town centre and maybe no added agenda or errands.

Do you walk or not? Share below in the comments section.

To your being mindful and present in your surroundings . . .

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