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Two Strikes

Lol . . . even that title had me thinking: “I’m funny!”. . . lol. I almost literally just name the post from the first few thoughts that come to my head! I hardly ever change it to something else after the post has been drafted and edited. Anyway, back to the post for today.

I’m a logical person and most times in my walk with GOD, I’ve had this tendency to ‘formula-ise‘ everything, thinking “If GOD did it that way in that situation under those conditions, then it must be the same way HE is thinking of doing it in this similar situation under the same conditions.” Uh boy, was I ever wrong! And I’ve found it quite difficult to shift this method of thinking (but making progress, can I get an Amen?) and that’s probably because I tend to spot patterns a lot and that’s probably how I learn new stuff. Once I can figure out a pattern to work something, then it sticks in my brain.

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I’ve realised that does not often work where GOD is concerned. Even under the same conditions, the same parties playing and the same situation or prayer requests. HE can answer in totally different ways. Remember HIS mercies are new every morning [Lamentations 3: 22-23]. If they are new every morning even when the weather remains the same, how much more in HIS dealings with HIS children. HE’s keeping it interesting!

I was reminded of this as I read 1st Chronicles 14: 8-17 of the account of two battles David fought and won against the Philistines shortly after he had become king of all Israel. The first time, the Bible says the Philistines spread themselves in the valley of Rephaim. David enquired of GOD for a strategy to putting these people in their places and GOD told him to attack head on. David did and put demolished the Philistines. As if that was not enough warnings for the Phillies to back off, they regrouped (that should teach us a thing or two about resilience, read more here) in the same place.

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Thank GOD David had the sense to ask GOD for the strategy for this battle and not just assume it will be the same as before, something I’m prone to do. GOD’s new battle plan was so different from the first, there was no way David could have approximated into it. GOD told him to come against them from behind by the Mulberry trees and when he hears rustling in the trees like the sounds of steps, GOD HIMSELF would have gone ahead of him and then he can just go and destroys the crumbs GOD leaves in HIS wake . . . lol.


You may have noticed it by now, but one example is usually not enough to establish a pattern . . there! See what I did! (If not, start from the top!) So after being reminded to avoid formula-rising GOD, I was given another example while watching a message on Bethel TV, of Moses and Wilderness Water.

First time, GOD told him to strike the rock to supply water for the Israelites [Exodus 17: 6]. Second time though, GOD said to speak to the rock [Numbers 20: 8-12]. But our dear Brother Moses was so vexed at his people that he resorted to the instructions from the first situation. GOD wasn’t pleased, No sir! It cost Moses his physical entry into the Promised Land – he could see but not taste!

May we be wiser than that! Remember these examples were written for us on whom the end of the world has come [1 Corinthians 10: 11].


It’s better to delay obedience when not in a good place mentally or soulishly than to disobey after hearing from GOD. Remember the parable of Jesus with the servant who said no then went and obeyed [Matthew 21: 28-30].

To our not losing our wonder of GOD, . . .

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