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Hehehe . . . Twitter has power oh! Singing #thereispowerin140twitter . Well, of course, something is making me say this. Twitter is one of the three social media platforms I’m on. All the others are too advanced or to be honest, just too much energy for my smartphone which although is overdue a younger sister, has started acting like a slowphone. I digress. Back to the reason why I say Twitter has power.

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You may have noticed from a couple of my posts that I don’t part with money easy. I’m still a work in progress, moving from because-it’s-cheap to value-for-money. So I regularly compare my energy provider’s prices for my usage with other providers to see if it pays to switch suppliers. When I moved to Manchester, the flat I first moved into was on a pre-pay meter. I quickly called Eon who I was with in Loughborough but they said I needed to wait a month before they can switch my meter to credit meter.

Let me digress quickly, one time, my brother was washing the dishes or cooking, shaa doing something in the kitchen and the lights went off. First thought, you guessed right! NEPA has taken light! Haha . . . Just for a split second and then you think, nah, we’re in the UK, they don’t roll like that. He looked rather bewildered when he came to me and I realised the meter needed topping up. You can then see my urgency in wanting the meter changed!

Back to the story. The meter was changed, I stayed with Eon a while, then recompared prices and then moved to Scottish Power (SP) who I didn’t really like because one of their cousin companies did not offer me a graduate job after MSc! I forgive them shaa for they knew not what they did! Lol . . . After one month of the switch, I checked my account, SP and E were both debiting me. I knew I was not the matrix so I couldn’t be using electricity in two different places with the same address at once. I’m trying to be like Jesus but I’m not there yet! Lol . . .

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That’s where the back and forth series of long phone calls started, my patience became long-suffering. SP were just turning me like eba. I’ll contact them, they’ll open a complaint, call me, leave a voicemail that my query’s been resolved, I’ll check, nah, ain’t resolved yet, I’ll call/email again. This continued till I moved houses and needed to close down all utility accounts with the previous house.

Five complaints and five months after, on one Saturday while cleaning the house, I called them again and got the same spiel about opening a sixth complaint form! Haba, even if you were the unjust judge you should have given in by now to resolve my query.

So I went on Twitter, tweeted at them something along the lines of: it doesn’t take 5 complaints in 5 months to resolve an issue.


The speed of response was so quick! They followed me, DM’d me, I responded. I got an email and by the next week I got the refund I was due. It was thoroughly amazing! I even pushed for compensation for all my wasted time, which they gladly obliged – about an extra 25% of the refund amount.

I was like “Aha! Is this the way to get companies to act?” My social media savvy brother said companies protect their online reputation rather fiercely. So the next issue I had with another company, I tweeted them, I got the response in no time in my emails. Four emails back to back! The same issue I’d called and emailed about for weeks!

Moral of the story? If a company is dulling via email and phone calls and chats, Twitter power is the answer!

To your faster complaint resolution, . . .

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