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Tranquil Tongue

Imagine for a moment that someone was screaming their head off at you for your sin(s) of committing or omitting. And instead of replying fire for fire lest people get burned and irreversible damage is done, you send your response or reply from the left side of your brain which they say is more rational.

Then those words make their way down to your mouth, and reach your tongue. But you first pass it through a step-down transformer that changes the high volume response to barely a whisper with little emotion on your face – almost an expressionless face. And then the words roll out into the ears of your ‘adversary’.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever been the recipient of such response. You’re properly mad at someone and the person is responding to you as calmly as impossible! Like their ears have reduced the volume of your rant, your brain can hardly comprehend why they’re choosing to do that to you!

You wanted a good back and forth heated exchange but no oh! Your sparing partner would have none of that! They like it cold. It can be maddening. But I bet any onlookers would find it borderline funny. It’s almost like one demon and a child of GOD are in a boxing ring and the demon is just trying all sorts and the child of GOD is not even fazed! Like waiting for the demon to start the fight meanwhile the demon has brought out and exhausted all their weapons!

Chai!! See the kain victory Jesus obtained for us on the cross! He just gave them KO when they had thought they had done their best work yet by sending Jesus Christ to the cross. Halleluyah!

Even the Bible says that had they known, they wouldn’t have crucified the Lord of Glory! What I think is that Jesus’ death was prophesied hundreds of years before He entered the scene, the sin. But the devil did and does not even have enough sense to interpret that. Then he’ll come and be forming know-er, busy using Bible to tempt Jesus! Like he knew what he was talking about!

Halleluyah for his permanent defeat!!

Let me just continue with what I was saying. Some of you know I teach in a secondary school in Manchester. And I have experienced this when dealing with students who for whatever reason are very upset and let’s just say louder than I would be if I was upset with someone older than me!

Previously, I would have pulled out my AK47 lurking behind my tongue and unleashed some bullets but I over time realised that those bullets ricocheted and came back to injure me. So instead of harsh words that only stirs up anger like Proverbs 15:1 says, I respond quietly and maintain my composure as much as I can.

This has defused many a ticking situations! Like it’s silly or maybe borderline stupid to keep shouting and being angry at someone who is calm and collected and composed. Who is pouring cold water on your spit-fire, literally! So most times, the student just backs down/off or walks away and my emotional health is left in a good state.

Now I’m like a book, you can read me from my facial expressions and mood. I never went to acting classes so I don’t know how to pretend all is well, when all isn’t! Not in my skillset,sorry.

So responding calmly in bomb-ticking situations has to be genuine, not pretend before somebody will suffer whiplash! This then means the ‘bad’ situation ends there. I don’t spend time meditating and replaying what I should(n’t) have said. I respond in peace so my peace is maintained. Haha . . .

I’m still a work in progress to making my responses more filled with grace. Ha! But GOD ain’t finished with me yet! Amen? Amen!!

To your softened answers, . . .

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