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The Transfer


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I recently saw an episode of Madam Secretary (Season One) in which one thread of the story-line was protesting transfers from a place more favourable to one much less favourable due to feminine single-hood. That resonated with me as I thought on how to start this post.

I moved to Greater Manchester about 6 months ago to start a new job I hadn’t seen myself doing by any stretch of my imagination. This new job *****drum roll***** was training as a secondary school Maths teacher in a “non-selective state school” = inner city school. The change was so much for me I more or less disappeared from my previous domain where I had spent about 7 years. Only a few people knew I moved – it was strictly need-to-know as I didn’t owe them askers any explanations and did not want to field any questions either.

It was change in church, change in living conditions, change in (depletion of) friends, change of jobs, change of work environment (and everything that came with it), too much change, I could barely wrap my head around it. I was all the way in UK feeling like an APC member! Anyways, a dear friend offered to house me before I got a place for 2 weeks which turned into 3 but he was absolutely gracious, I sorta felt undeserving, honestly. I moved house in 2 days across 2 towns over 2 hours apart, thanks to 2 dearer friends…sighs… I even fell sick the week of moving. As if that was not enough, I discovered shortly after that the flat I had rented was quite ‘wood-y’ which meant I could hear my neighbours’ curtains drawn, pans clang, switches flick and floors/doors creak. This was nothing compared to my former place which was more structurally sound.

change butterfly

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Less than 3 weeks after I’d moved from ‘home’ to the new house, my dad went HOME.

I could not have felt more deserted and alone than I did in the weeks that would follow, so I went back ‘home’ but couldn’t go Home for the burial because my passport was with the Home Office (the irony!)

This must sound like I’m moaning but it is really hard not to mention that in the months prior to this period, I got the new job, then lost it, then got it again. But through it all, I can truly say GOD CAME LIVE!!

These past 6 months have been a steep learning curve for me and here are a few lessons I’ve learnt and I’m still learning :

  1. that GOD loves me and forgives in infinitesimal seconds! (devil/guilt, in your face! **tongue out**) (John 3:16);

  2. that I needed to grow and mature quickly, which again GOD is helping me with;

  3. that my family is much stronger and tighter than before => less ‘grace’ to fight! (Proverbs 24:10 – vice versa);

  4. that people can disappoint because if not for GOD and people (actually a person), bitterness might still be lurking in my heart;

  5. I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST in me (Philippians 4:13);

  6. that even in the darkness, there is still light willing to shine that I must let chase out the darkness (John 1:5);

  7. that truly GOD supplies my every NEED (Philippians 4:19)!

So I keep growing and allowing GOD do HIS work in me!

To your growing in GOD . . . .

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