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The Real Owner

Because I love to write about things that have happened during the week and try to draw out lessons from them, I have had a challenge this week as it’s been a sort of slow-ish week. You know those ones where it seems it has been a cycle of the same routines day in, day out. This was one of them.

But one annoyance for me this week happened yesterday. I heard the bell ring and by the time I got out to check, my landlord had already started removing the hedges at the front of the house. I asked him not to and explained that the hedges provided some form of privacy. But he carried on and I felt was bent on doing what he set out to do.

By the time I got back from my errand, it was all gone and I was very gutted and let him know. He apologised and tried to explain but in my upset-ness, his explanation did not make any sense to me. I started looking for where to buy 6 ft plants from and I plan to suggest to him to replace my hedges.

I was annoyed because although I have lived in the UK for over 10 years, I still don’t understand the idea behind people leaving their windows open like a showroom on display for everyone passing by to look into their homes and see what can be stolen. At least, that’s the way I look at it.

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Growing up in Nigeria meant you had 10-feet fences with sometimes electrified barbed wire loops around the perimeter of the fence. Like a mini-Alcatraz! So no one can look into your house talk less of seeing your precious possessions and start strategising how to take them off your hands. You might even had your private security guard(s). So all these live displays going on in this country is one I probably will never acquiesce to.

So the hedges provided that privacy for my kitchen window as it meant people passing by could not look in to see what was cooking! And I could also dance to my heart’s content while cooking without an unintended and uninvited audience. I’ve had to leave the blinds drawn since to provide the same level of privacy he has destroyed.

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I know it is his house and was free to do as he pleased but I felt he should have considered my opinion especially as I did not ask for anything to be done with it. But therein lies the debacle. He can do as he pleases, after all, it is not my house. Which made me realise even more convincingly that it was about time I got my own place. So that is my goal for the next month.


I have since prayed a prayer of agreement with my brother and would keep at it till I’m handed the keys. So join your faith with mine on this new adventure.

It also goes to show that you can do as you please with what belongs to you. But you are not really in control of what belongs to another, even if they make you feel like you do. I’m in control of me. No one else can or should affect me except I give them permission to.

Anyhow, I hope y’all are having a great start to the second half of the year as things start opening up again.

To your finding the message in the mess, . . .

P.S.: With all that’s going on in the world, remember to keep your laugh onMy new book on some of my funny classroom stories will help. You can now order it on Amazon. Please leave me a review and I shall be very grateful.

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