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The Power of No

In my experience and general reading on the power of the word ‘No’, it has usually been from the point of view of saying ‘No’ to many things and saying ‘Yes’ to the most important things in (your) life, which is very valid advice. Today’s post on the subject of ‘No’ is from the receiving end, not the giving end. Even though it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20 v 35), there’s still some blessing in receiving. Sometimes you receive, not every time give…lol.

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Due to the structure of my first accommodation in this city, I had to move house once the initial 6 months contract was up. My experience with that will probably be published in a different post. Part of the drama of moving house was moving internet. I had signed up with Sky at the first place, and thought it would be a quick plug-and-play transfer of the internet services. However, I had to wait 5 days, 5 whole days without broadband internet connection at home, during my two-week school break, with two adult family members around. You can imagine how that felt!

When the 5 days were up and the engineer came around to set it up, he basically said I needed to get permission from my new neighbours to get access to their roofs for them to run a cable from the box at the end of the street to mine. I obviously said ‘mba’, that they can like to cancel the contract. I went with Virgin Media instead. Those ones said another 9 days before installation. Phew! Is this life? No internet apart from that on my mobile phone. I needed internet for many things so I had to hotspot my phone for my laptop and that led to the untimely demise of my mobile data allowance, which I rarely use ¼ of in a regular month. Hold on! These last paragraphs are just to set the scene.

So I called Virgin Media to request for free data top-up. I spoke the truth, said I was with Virgin mobile, was waiting for their brother Virgin Media to come install my broadband and I needed extra data, thinking the worst they’ll say is ‘No’ or less worse, I’ll have to pay, to which I’d have said my own ‘No’…lol. I was put on hold, the lady came back, said she’s only allowed to give me 1 GB of data. You can guess my next question: “do I have to pay for it?” She said, “No”. To which I said, “thank you very much.” After the call, I checked my phone and my 1 GB “Goodwill Mobile Web” was waiting for me.


Image credit: Career FAQs

Now because I’d zeroed my mind to receive ‘No’ as the worst case, I eventually got my best case answer, ‘Yes’. Herein lies my point: Do not fear receiving ‘No’; if you’re braced for it, it doesn’t hurt that bad. I mean, that’s the worst, but even worst-er, will be that you never tried. Imagine if Queen Esther feared the ‘No’ from King Ahaseurus, and sat on her queenly bum, an Old Testament Holocaust will have happened. Her “if I perish, I perish” (Esther 4 v 16) deals with that fear, and makes us instead plan for a better outcome. It’s been said that you miss 100% of the chances you don’t take. Heck, that’s why I’m even taking a chance with this blog. What’s the worst? No one will read it, but it can never be said I didn’t try.

The upside to this internet saga is that my brother who’s also with Virgin mobile and was with me during the Easter break, called them the next day, and guess what? They gave him 3GB of data! And na me dey pay bills oh! GOD dey!

So what’s the worst that can happen? You get a ‘No’. Eh, moving on swiftly…

To your taking chances and opportunities as they arise,…..

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