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The GODs must be crazy

Hahaha . . . Yes, me too!! I wondered whether this was the ‘correct’ way to name a post but yes, I decided to go with it as it captures as close as possible the first thoughts that popped into my mind one day as I read my Bible about GOD’s love. So let’s dive right in and I hope by the end of this post, if not before, you’ll agree with me that this title was rather fitting.

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So here I was on a fine evening (or morning, can’t recall!) reading the book of 1st Kings about the chronicles of the kings of Israel and Judah (if your Bible is like mine, there’ll be a sub-heading under I Kings – ‘commonly called the 3rd book of the kings’). And while reading, I got to the chronicles of king Ahab, the 7th king of Israel who was husband to the popular Jezebel. Now this guy had not even followed GOD, the least, Mrs Ahab seemed to be the king really and he just a figure-head. He sulked when Naboth of Jezreel wouldn’t sell him his vineyard! Who does that?! He did . . . lol. Anyway, he walked in the ways of all the evil kings of Israel before him and was at logger heads with Prophet Elijah. His ways were not right in any way before GOD – he supported the worship of Baal, sacrificed in the high places, under every green tree. He “did evil . . . above all that were before him” (16 : 30) and sold “himself to work wickedness” in GOD’s sight (21 : 25). Bottomline, he wasn’t a good guy.

Then I got to chapter 21 verses 20 – 29, where GOD sends Elijah to Ahab to tell him all the doom GOD is about to rain down on his head for all the evil he has done and allowed. Elijah delivers the message and then in verses 27, Ahab tears his clothes, puts on and lies in sackcloth, fasts and was sad about the news and probably repentant because what happens next blew my mind.

GOD turns around and tells Elijah: “See how Ahab has humbled himself before me. I will not bring the evil on him in his days but allow him go to his grave in peace and quiet” (paraphrased). I was like, “WHAAT??!!!” That’s not fair! And then I wrote this immediately in my study notebook:


That was all I could think of then. Then I felt somehow, and added ‘CRAZY GOOD‘. But truly GOD’s LOVE is CRAZY. It brings to mind the thief on the cross next to Jesus, that we read of in the Gospels (Luke 23 : 39 – 43). He was granted eternal life as soon as he asked, Jesus wiping his sin slate clean there on the cross. It also reminded me of the Husbandman with the servants he hired at different points during the day but still paid them the same wage (Matthew 20 : 1-16). I could almost understand Jonah’s annoyance at GOD forgiving the Ninevites when they repented (Jonah 4).


It made me realise in a deeper way, that GOD’s MERCY REALLY TRIUMPHS OVER JUDGEMENT and that GOD DELIGHTS IN SHOWING MERCY (Song: Mercy by Amanda Cook). HE is more willing to forgive and restore us to HIMSELF than mete out to us the punishment we so legally deserve. Who are we then, not to forgive ourselves? HIS love is an everyday kind of love (Song: This Love by Housefires). Remember HIS WORD says HE’s not willing that any man perish but that we all come to eternal life (2nd Peter 3 : 8-10).

And I’m realising more and more everyday that HIS LOVE for me, for us, for the world is so great HE gave HIS Son to die in our place (John 3 : 16). Now, that’s not the kind of love we sit down and try to analyse or comprehend or fix into an equation, we are just meant to receive it and allow it make us perfect in love (1st John 4 : 17-19).

Also, we must also be careful not to judge others who we deem less holy than us, and so by our wacky estimations, do not deserve to be forgiven. GOD forgives all debts – ‘small’ and ‘great’. All have sinned (Romans 3 : 23-24), that includes you and me. Once we see how much GOD loves and forgives us daily, and then fully receive HIS love, I believe we will begin to walk in a new level of confidence that attracts others who have not known the FATHER’s love to HIM and we can truly love them from the overflow of the LOVE GOD has lavished upon us. Remember the parable of the unmerciful servant in Matthew 18 : 21-35.

If you don’t have the love of GOD, the crazy kind, the heart-felt, really deep one, then join me in my daily prayers that GOD will unravel us, wreck us with HIS LOVE, untangle our messy understanding of HIS LOVE and help us to begin to comprehend with the saints the height, depth, length and breadth of HIS love (Ephesians 3 : 18), that we can truly love us and the world as HE does.

To our increase in the FATHER’s LOVE, . . .

P.S.: I have used ‘GODs’ as a play on FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT.

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