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The GOD of all parking

I pondered for a while on what to title this post. And after my wanderings, I reckoned I could do no better than describe what I wanted to convey as He describes Himself – I AM THAT I AM! And He was just that to me.

I’d say over the last 6 months, GOD has been pulling me deeper into understanding and experiencing His love for me like never before. I’ve seen Him move on my behalf on what we might call the ‘minute things of life’.

It’s like He wants to remind me that He deeply desires to do life intimately with me. And the more I let down my guard and let Him guide, the more I’m convinced that it’s truly His kindness that leads us to repentance. True repentance, that is. Not fear of death or hell. Not insurance from them two either.

Let me share a couple of recent stories. They might sound small to you. But how deeply they touched me heart.

Only this evening, I was looking for a parking spot in one of those annoyingly narrow multistorey car parks. I call them that because it’s like the builders used protractors and compasses to measure every square inch!! So narrow that if you drive anyhow, your car will be dented anyhow!

After I’d done my 2nd circuit, I whispered a quick thought. I won’t even call it a prayer. And right next to me was an open spot, close to the lifts. I was like, Whaaa!!! Thus is truly, before we call, He answers and while we’re yet speaking, He hears (Isaiah 65:24). I was bouncing like the daughter of the Monarch of the Universe as I walked into the venue.

Same parking story. I went for a friend’s event last month and parking in a supermarket car park opposite the venue, which allowed only 1 hour 30 minutes free parking. As the event had a 3pm start and I got there about 5.30pm, I reckoned that was more than enough time to register my attendance and head home. But the party hadn’t even started yet by the time I got in.

I sat next to a lady who advised me to move my car to a side street with free parking. I reluctantly agreed as I was in serious heels + it was windy and wet outside. As I pulled out of the supermarket car park to navigate to said side street, right outside the venue was a vacant spot for me to park without breaking any rules. I wondered at the goodness of God.

Obviously, He cared about my makeup, feet in heels and safety at night. I broke out into thanksgiving in tongues and English. So happy and smiling at the goodness of God to me.

To your experiencing God in the tiniest, . . .

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