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The Bottle Cap

There must be a reason why bottled water manufacturers ask you not to refill your bottles after you’ve drunk the substitute for your cash (see article at this link). I understand there is the urge/need, at least for me, to make your money even go further than the £1.50 or so you spent on that plastic bottle of spring water. However, like I said, they must have their reason(s), one of which I might have found out this evening . . . ride with me . . .

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As a habit, I need to have a bottle of water next to my bed before going to sleep with enough water in it to last the night. In an attempt to be more health-actioned or ‘watery’, I bought a water filter jug whose filter cartridge has slowed down but hey, there’s no stopping my bid to push my money further, eh! But lest I digress further, let’s get back to the story . . . So on one recent evening, I was ‘multi-tasking’ = having my dinner, watching a sermon on YouTube and being observant. And guess what I noticed? I nefa hexperitt!

…Some dark spots at the in/outlet of my bottle’s sports cap. I tried to clean it with a corner of my white pyjamas and some of the spots came off. I decided to flip the cap and look at the under-side, and I’d show you the pictures so you might believe! It was dark and dreary! I was like ‘oops!’ I looked around the bottle opening itself, not really paying attention as I just believed since both have been in contact, there had to have been some transfer. I tried to drink the leftover water but mind over matter . . . And who said ignorance isn’t bliss??!!

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I’m a Dr but not a Dr, a PhD not an MD, and I just thought it would be interesting to note who exactly the tenants were on that screw cap and where they may have come from so I did some research, . . . or not.

You may wonder why this is of any importance. You wonder right! As I emptied out the bottle in the sink and put it in the recycle bin, I sensed the Holy Spirit say to me: “Some fountains are only meant to be drunk from for a certain period and no more; learn when to let it go.” HE also said something else that was so apt as I went in my room to turn on my PC to type this post but for the life of me, we’ll both have to wait till HE reminds me :). I’ll then update this post accordingly.

So please pay attention to the stale-ing areas of your life and prune them yourself; allow GOD to delete them and be sensitive enough to know when to ditch it for your health and wholeness. Remember, the times of ignorance, GOD winked at but now HE’s given everyone a chance to repent (Acts 17:30). My ‘repent’ may look different to yours, but they should point to making the necessary changes GOD is asking us to make to maintain our whole health, peace and relationship with HIM.

So to ditching the old bottles for the new ones and putting new wine in them (Mark 2:22), I raise my glass and doff my hat (hairnet in this case).

To your peace and progress!

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