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The blessing of driving

If you’ve followed my blog for a while now, you would have realised through one of my previous posts that I am not yet a fan of driving.

I still have my Bumblebee and it’s been faithful to me. And I’ve been faithful to it, thanking God for its reliability and faithfulness. Especially over the last two months when my mileage has significantly increased. I call it my Old Faithful!

One of my second streams of income is from providing private tutoring both online and in-person. The first one is relatively straightforward, requiring just a PC with internet connection and pdf files!!

The second one requires me driving to the student’s house, as Id like to keep my personal space so. I’m happy to go over instead. As the demand increased, my driving increased. And recently, while on one of these journeys, I felt the Holy Spirit remind me of when I first started driving. And how I refused to drive to work for a week, opting instead for a 2-hour commute each way on the bus inhaling the nasties of the city air. The car journey was about 30 minutes each way.

My decision not to drive was from the anxiety and panic attacks and diarrhoea the thought of driving gave me. It literally scared the sh*t out of me, so much so that I lost considerable weight. I remember this led to me adorning the side of my wardrobe closest to my bed with tons of post-it notes, which many Bible verses against fear on them and repeating them like daily medication for months. Even when I was on holidays, I took pictures of them on my phone to keep to the Doctor’s prescription!!

Anyway, back to the present day. I am so grateful to GOD that I persevered through those rough days and drove through palpitating fear till the point where I don’t even think about it. I recall rather funnily how I used to drive with the steering wheel literally at my waist. I don’t even think I can physically contort my body to be in that position any more. How I did it then is a miracle in itself!

Last week, I drove about 100 miles in total. That number is about 2 months worth of driving back in the day. It made me even more grateful for the victory I experienced in this area. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to take up any of those in-person tutoring opportunities from the hassle of having to make my way there by the sometimes unreliable public transportation. With many apologies for running late because of the bus!

So GOD has been good to me. Hallelujah!

To your experiencing victory over what scares the sh*t out of you!

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