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the art of being Home – Travel

As is rather common in Nigeria, more people live outside their states of origin than within. in like manner, I live in one part of Nigeria but originate, as in my family bloodline flows from a different part. In my time so far, I have used the major forms of transportation in Lagos. I have airplane’d, Uber’d, taxi’d, private car’d, hire car’d, Keke Marwa’d, bus’d, and as recent as last Sunday, okada’d! Huwaddav thought!! My sister must not hear this. I’m sure I had sworn never to take them crazy quarter-life weapons of singular destruction. The only one I’ve not entered is Molue – maybe I’ve been permanently delivered from that! Amen?

But hey, after those heavy rains on Sunday and getting home late and tired, I had no zeal for gymnastics across the potholes and the gutters, filled with many unknowns, on the roads that lead to my house. So with an ample dose of the fear of dark and treacherous roads, the Good LORD provided a safe looking = older man okada rider, as I just descended from the Uber to save the guy’s car from bumpy rides to my house.I promptly told the okada man that I wasn’t in a hurry oh, he should take his time but I must have been speaking to myself because he just went as he was wont and I repeated myself a few times and proceeded to make excuses for him – maybe if he does not move fast enough, the watery holes will drown his means of livelihood. At some point, I had to grab his shirt as it felt like I was about to fall off, but thanks be to GOD who keeps my feet from slipping. I got home shoes, legs and clothes dry. Hallelujah!

Image credit: MasterWeb

I’ve Keke Marwa’d – tricycled, I hired the whole thing as a taxi last Sunday. When I informed the driver of my intentions, he proceeded to almost double what he would have made otherwise. I then as an able Maths teacher, helped him to count the number of seats in his cab = 4, and asked him how he had arrived at his N700 charge instead. He agreed to my subliminal N400 offer and the journey began. I ended up leaving my N100 change with him because he was an answer to my prayer to God to quickly provide a means of me getting to church without further delay as I was already running late.

I’ve also flown. I flew down to the village as I wasn’t able to go last year. I got a few ‘prophecies’ to prepare my mind for flight delays. I promptly bound and cast out those prophecies, as I had a destination which wasn’t the airport on either end of the journey. Going – no delay. Coming back – it was raining like the heavens were full and had to make more room, but my flight was only delayed by 40 minutes, which in my opinion, is great because I experienced over 2 hours delay from Abuja to Lagos last year on a dry and sunny day with no explanations given. And if you’re a regular local flight user, you might just agree with me too.

Image credit: Montenegro Eco

I’ve hired a private car for half a day. It was cheaper than changing flights to an earlier one, which meant I could see more of my ‘original’ state that I hadn’t seen in over 22 years!

I’ve bus’d but for short journeys. Once I hired the whole bus to take me to church for evening service. And instead of my guy to say he didn’t know where he was going to, he just slowed way down as if the church venue will come closer than if he drove at the speed limit. The other times were for even shorter journeys and with other passengers who must have found it odd that I said thank you to the driver when I got off. #loughboroughlife.

My Uber experience has been good so far but for one. The drivers have offered me sweets, water, mints, WiFi, choice of radio stations, opened the door for me and asked me my preferred route, all the while calling me ‘ma’, which I find weird. I don’t think I look that old, haba!!! Calm down, my brothers. I doubt if the Uberers in UK provide this level of service.

 Image credit: TechEu

The odd guy out didn’t know how to get to my destination and instead of him to admit he didn’t even after I asked him, he started abusing the roads for being one-way, taking me round and round and then ended up begging me not to vex. Walahi, I was vexed. But thank God for His Spirit that reminded me I was just coming from church, to calm down for Jesus and not let anyone steal my joy. Thank you Jesus! I had to rate the guy 3* cos he dulled. My friend recommended 2* but I have a higher mercy threshold I suppose….lol.

I’ve also used my local area taxis as they’re less likely to whine about the bad roads and a few of them already know my house and my mum too, making life easier for me.

So my people, that’s how travel has been for me oh in Nigeria. In the UK, it would have been bus, train or my own car – only 3! But thank GOD for the many options in Lagos.

You can read part one and two to my arts of being Home here and here.

To your safe travels, . . .

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