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That time when travelling

…when my reservation was thrown to the wind and I slyly requested an upgrade on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Chicago.

A few years ago when I used to work in Loughborough University as a Research Associate, my supervisors and I had to travel to Memphis to take part in an IEEE conference. As it was a relatively long flight, my supervisors kindly book us Premium Economy seats, which I was more than happy with. At least more leg room.

We also booked a taxi to the airport which picked us all from home early hours of the morning. I was fully basking in the convenience of not jumping through trains. On arriving at the airport and looking for where to check in, one of Virgin staff approached us asking if we had checked in. He decided to help us check in with one of their PCs in the queueing area. A few minutes later, he turned and said he’ll upgrade my two supervisors to Business class as there were not enough seats in Premium Economy.

Well, yours truly was very expectant, waiting for the penny to drop that all 3 of us were flying together even though I was a different gender and of a different skin colour. Next thing I hear, we have a seat for you in PE. So I asked him if it was a window seat. He replied, no. What I said next did not go through my brain like it didn’t in my shopping story.

I said something along the lines of, I’m sorry but I can’t sit in a seat that’s not next to the window. Walahi, I’m not sure if I’d even checked in online prior and booked a window seat. With all the shakara I was exhibiting, you go think say na me pay for the flight oh. Almost like I was allergic to middle and aisle seats!

I genuinely stood there like it was my birthright, my inheritance in Christ to be upgraded. Well, my man said he needed to get permission from his supervisor who was but a few metres away, before he could upgrade me. For me, to wait no be problem. And in no time, he came back and said she approved of the upgrade. For some reason, I was not surprised. Thinking of it now though, I probably should have been more excited.

Checked in we three did. Tickets in hand we proceeded to go through upgraded security and who was standing ahead of us? Sheldon from the Big Bang TV show. With all the stares he was getting, it’s no wonder some celebrities hide themselves and fly Business or First class or even private jet! I didn’t envy his fame at that point. Somebody cannot even go through security in peace!

Through with security, we 3 researchers peacocked off to the Virgin Lounge. But we were shu’d off, reminded that our free business class tickets were just for flying. Nothing else. And back down we went, wings tucked back down to our sides.

Anyway, the flight upgrade was a massive blessing for me as it was that time of the month and if you know, you know how a woman can feel. It showed me that money is good oh. It was an unforgettable experience that one day I shall relive, whether from my pocket or from free upgrade. Amen!!

To your blessings of favour and upgrades, . . .

P.S.: Many thanks to you all who have followed, liked, shared and/or commented on my blog posts. Your show of love hasn’t gone unnoticed. To keep me accountable, this is my target this year – to publish at least once a week. So help me God.

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