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that time we rummaged bins

“So what did Virgin [trains] say?”

“That I have to send them my tickets for them to process the refund.”

“Okay, check the [paper recycle] bin at home, it should still be there.”

Nope! I have not started looking for scraps in bins nor have I (thank You Jesus!)recently seen anyone do that. Sore sight especially if they’re looking for food to stay alive.

Next day, “How far the tickets? You seen them yet?”

“No, I’ve given up. I’ll have to pay for postage.”

Yours truly starts checking in-house paper bin. “It’s not here.”

“Yes, I think I emptied the bins as part of the spring clean on Saturday.”

So we both head outside to the main recycle bin. On the way out,

“I’ll have to pay for postage.”

“It can’t be more than £1. Plus the refund should be automatically processed.”

So we started rummaging the paper bin. Thank God for dry rubbish!

“I see some tickets.” Heads in, literally and I pull out a bunch of rail tickets. Only for me to realise after being dumbfounded by the future dates on them, that they were my £44 return tickets to London for a training this weekend.

“What?! How did these tickets get here? What kind of over-efficient cleaning of my wallet was I doing that I managed to throw away my tickets?”

“If we didn’t know GOD was leading us, now we know.” Haha . . .

So we carried on searching for the used tickets that brought us outside in the first place. Even though we’d gotten to the bottom of the bin, partially tipping it over, we didn’t find the tickets.

As we started putting stuff back, we saw the bunch of tickets chilling together in a foil paper packaging.

“Mehn, GOD is good oh.” “Thank You, Jesus.” “Thank GOD you insisted on checking for the tickets.” “GOD even cares about our ticket refund.” “Thank GOD oh.” “It won’t have been funny.”

So that’s how GOD bypassed my over-reasoning tendencies and led me to insist we search for the used tickets knowing fully well that we’ll find the unused tickets that I needed to travel and then claim back from the training provider after the training the next Saturday in London.

Left to me, I might have been too self-conscious to be rummaging bins as they are visible from road and nearby houses. I’d have been imagining what other people would be thinking.

But hey, another reminder that the opinions of others don’t really count. And the degree of non-counting is even more for people who have no say whatsoever in our lives. So another reminder not to be bothered by those.

GOD also knew how stressed I’d be, arriving at the station wee hours of the morning, only for me to start rummaging my wallet looking for tickets I could have sworn by the soup in my freezer I’d safely stowed away in my wallet. Especially as I would likely have gotten to the station with little time for messing about or treasure hunts!

I would have just sat down in Virgin Trains station office to do my training. Shebi all na train station. I’d have been trained somehow, in something, for sometime, whether I like it or need it or not.

It’s things like this that make me realise and drive home even more that GOD is in everything that concerns me. No matter how little. No matter how big.

Thankfully it happened on a Thursday evening and I was able to share it as a testimony in church during Bible Study.

To your funny testimonies, . . .

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