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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt so overwhelmed that you thought your head was about to explode? Where things looked really grim and the thing at hand was just so important and life threatening or future life determining that you thought if you make a wrong move, the world might just stop spinning or you might just drown into nothingness?

No? Don’t worry, one is coming to a brain near and on you! Soon. Real soon! Trust me.

Yes? You have? Well done. You survived it. You deserved a standing ovation! The ground didn’t swallow you. You’re still alive. Read on. What do you do when things like this happen? Because they surely will!


Well, you take that trip. You time travel. How? Oh! I’m glad you asked, great one!

But before I tell you how you do it, let me briefly share a recent personal experience with you. As you may now know, I work as a teacher and recently, I had 4 lessons to teach and my PC was down for a better part of my quiet lesson-planning time. I managed the first one and had about 30 minutes to plan two back-to-back lessons for different year groups, learning different things.

I truly felt like my skull was about to explode. I knew if I had more time, I’ll be able to do it but that time wasn’t expandable and I did not have the faith of Joshua to stop time. I held my head in my hands a few times and kept praying, “LORD, help me!”

It was a good thing I was on a fast that day, or my tummy might have joined in the commotion accelerating my metabolism to arrive at the toilet quicker than scheduled. Time wastage! But thanks be to GOD, that didn’t happen!

My heartbeat was on the upbeat! I swear my hands were colder than normal. It felt like my brain was about to implode and stop my breathing function. My mind was on overdrive.

That’s where I found myself. So back to the question. How do you time travel?

You step out of the situation that’s eating up your mind and fast forward, time travel to 5 or 10 years in the future. Maybe even 1 year would do. Too far? Then travel 1 month forward. in fact, for some cases 24 hours travel ahead is even enough. When you get to that future year, try and imagine what  your view and understanding of that situation will be.

Most times if not all times, I bet it doesn’t look quite as threatening and foreboding as it does in the present time. It’s now history and you can see it in a bigger picture, in the fuller context of your earth life.

Store a picture of what you saw in your time travel. Keep the emotions and perspective you felt. Then come​ back to today and put that situation or decision on and in its rightful place.

Do not allow it take more hold of you than it should!

Back to my example, I was late (<< 5 minutes) starting two of those lessons because I had some photocopies to do for them. And guess what I told myself?

“Nobody will die if you’re a few minutes late to the lesson!”

And it worked. I just did what I had to do, because as a teacher, it looks like the kids can smell if you’re unsettled and they’ll milk it fully! Which would even make you more unsettled, and with that much milking, you might just run dry!

So putting the situation in the correct perspective works a mighty treat!

This even works better as a Christian, as a child of GOD. Why? Again, I’m so glad you asked, great mind!

Because in stepping out of today’s limited time, you’re sort of stepping out of time. And because you are the child of the ONE WHO lives outside of time, you can immediately turn your heart towards Jesus, asking Him to give you His view on the situation.

Ask Him to give you vision to see things like He does and to hear things as He hears them. To give you a heart that truly trusts HIM, like your mouth probably proclaims!

Armed with this vision and sound information and perspective, you’re far better placed to deal with the issue at hand before it deals with you.

To your regularly not being overwhelmed and seeing things like HE does, . . .

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