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Sweat the Small Stuff

In a previous post, I talked about chronicling GOD’s goodness to you and yours on the regular and that I did not just want to write about what I interpreted to be mundane stuff, like journey mercies to and from work, good health, good relationships with my family, etc. Oh boy! How wrong was I as those are the things I’ve written regularly in my Thanksgiving Journal as they are very important things that I get reminded of not to take for granted but guard jealously with gratitude.


While trying to write this post, I was reminded of a message I listened to by Bill Johnson of Bethel Church, how GOD gave him something he liked in a magazine but could live without. I had a mini-my-version a few Sundays ago. I’ve always wanted an apron but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy one as even when I saw one that I liked and could afford, it just didn’t make financial sense in my head to buy it. I could live and have lived without one for years. On that Sunday afternoon, I had a few friends from church who lived in my area pay me a visit  and guess what? Yes, you guessed right! I was given an apron! Yippeee!! And immediately, that message came to mind and I laughed, and really smiled and probably started singing praise to GOD.

Now, I believe I’m currently in a season of knowing the FATHER’s love more personally and intimately and that added an extra layer/experience to show me HE’s interested in the things I’m interested in, no matter how insignificant I think it is or it looks on the outside.

Image credit: Systematic Hymnology

Another way I’ve seen GOD show up for me is actually quite embarrassing . . . lol, but I’ll share just so you know HE hears and answers. I recently attended a senior friend’s 50th birthday party and I’d lost a bit of weight from work-related stress and not eating well, to be honestly. So I decided to eat a bit of everything at the buffet but my tummy obviously did not approve of that decision. The next day was a Sunday and I woke up to a gaseous-ly upset tummy and ‘exhaled’ quite leave-the-room-ly (if you know what I mean, if not, think about it for a while, you’ll get it!…lol). I asked GOD to help me do ‘Number 2’ before I had to leave for church as I didn’t want people to be binding demons unnecessarily in church instead of worshipping HIM!!

That prayer wasn’t answered so my next option was “LORD, let me not ‘exhale’ during service. Amen.” And guess what?! Yes, you guessed right! Again!! Smart you!! HE made sure I didn’t till I got into Wilkinsons at least 20 minutes after a 2-hour service and had to offer a prayer for the next person – who turned out to be a handsome fella, that was going to stroll down that aisle after me. It looked to me like he walked on quickly or maybe I was just imagining things. . . hahaha… You bet it made it into my Gratitude Journal entry for that day! Yes, it did!!

Anyway, I told my siblings about it, as per usual, we laughed but it was a big ‘small stuff’ but aren’t all our ‘stuffs’ small in GOD’s eyes, relative to HIS power and love and ability?

I could share another equally embarrassing one but I’m sure you get the picture.

So yes, sweat the small stuff. It’s GOD showing us HE is with us through it ALL (Deuteronomy 31:6; Romans 8:31-39)!!

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