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Stressed Desserts

Recently I went out for dinner with my family (or should I say part of) to an ethnically-diverse buffet-style restaurant in the city centre. Just as we were enjoying the ambience and eating for the next 3 days, I looked up towards the section that had all the sweet stuff lined up waiting to top up or top off the already indulgent food consumption. See the picture below? Do you see what I see? No, look again and really see. Be inspired by the title of this post and think outside the box. Do you see it now? No?

Okay, I’ll have to tell you then.


But first of all, if you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you may have realised I advocate for people being present and self aware and (not self-) conscious of their environments. Well, this is one of them. So proceed, no not with caution! With interest though . . . 😉

The colourful letters at the top of that section spell the word – desserts – in very inviting bright lights. Yes! I know you can read; me too. As I looked even closer with my brain doing the gymnastics it likes, I realised that backwards, it spelt the word – stressed.

“Whaaaa? Are you serious?” That was my brother’s reaction when I pointed it out to him. Haha! Of course, I’m serious. Yeah, I know it was a rhetorical question. But it got me thinking – not that I don’t think otherwise . . . lol.

One line of thought that readily came to mind was to think about the different ‘foods’ (in quotes because them desserts are deserted calories – void of nutrients!) below that sign. Cheesecakes of different flavors, marshmallows, an I-almost-made-it ice cream, brownies that looked like they could be used for sand castles, a tall jar of sweets and sours – how much per gram please?, different coloured jellies in little transparent cups that looked like communion cups but not with the BLOOD, even a mixture for (the thought of) pancakes, and probably others.

Thinking about how all these sweeties were made made me realise that any food you eat that is put under so much stress as these probably were, have very likely been robbed of any nutritional value it brought, and will likely give your body stress as it tries to figure out the purpose for which you sent it into your body to do the digesting!

Cakes are made from processed flour, laden with processed sugar and processed butter, then a couple of eggs added as if to balance the already skewed food equation, and then now baked at about 200°C, i think.

Only heaven knows how them sweets and jellies are made. I doubt they bring any positives to the body except maybe sugar rush and making kids extra hyper!!!

So how did I see/hear GOD in all this?

As much as it is good to hear the testimonies and experiences of others, they have been processed through the lives of the testifiers and the experienced. Nothing beats taking the raw WORD of GOD, GOD HIMSELF and ‘eating’ and ‘digesting’ it for yourself. After all, Jesus said, “For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.” – John 6:55.

Even nutritionists will tell you to keep to a minimum, the number of hoops your food jumps from the farm to your mouth. The closer to the ground it is, the better.  But I don’t think this applies to all you people that eat ‘rare’, abi raw, and ‘medium rare’ meat. You might as well go and bite the cow, abi sheep or lamb! Mmschew!

So as much as the lives of others inspire you they are like desserts, like sweets keep us Oliver-Twisting, let their lives give you a GOD-rush that drives you towards the REALEST deal ever, towards to truest SATISFIER ever liveth!

With respect to your walk with GOD, there’s probably nothing more filling than tasting GOD for yourself. Remember the Psalmist advises us to taste and see that the LORD is good (Psalm 34:8). That’s the way we build our faith on solid rock foundation. That’s the way we are able to stand through all sorts of times. That’s how we get persuaded individually that GOD is WHO HE says HE is.

I preach to me too!

To your tasting of GOD directly, . . .

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