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Self Surgery

You know how you watch a movie, especially one with Jackie Chan in it, and after the main movie, you go behind the scenes? Or a movie like F&F (no, not the clothing line!) and you get to go behind the scenes to see how the movie is made? It gives you a deeper appreciation for the scenes you’ve just watched and helps you see more of the director’s heart/mind in why things played out the way they did. At least it does for me.

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Of course, you know I have a point! Lol  . . . A while back I wrote a post on a women’s retreat I went for called Healed for Life (you can read about it here). In many ways than one, it felt like ‘open heart surgery’, like GOD was digging out things I hadn’t even thought about in years and dealing with them. Sort of re-roo(/u)ting my root system, redoing my foundation. And a major score from attending was coming away a very self-aware person.


They may have the same ‘mind‘-set but they are two different things. S.C. tends to have a more selfish bent, more me-skewed, more me-versus-others, more ‘how do I look in the sight of others?’; more a hindrance to positive progress and more judgemental and deprecating; doesn’t tend towards wholeness but holds back. Again,

S.A. ≠ S.C.         #itsthemathsinme

So what is Self Awareness? Well, a little prelude first. Some months after I attended H4L, I listened to a few messages on Bethel TV that dealt with having healthy souls and it made me realise what S.A. was/is.

Self Awareness (i.m.o.) is the ability to be (… I’m tempted to use ‘aware’ but I shan’t!) able to notice your thoughts, whenever you need to.

Ever felt down or out of sorts before and you do not, for the life of you, know why nor how nor when nor from where you took those steps to your current feeling? That’s probably because you were not tuned in to your thought-progression whilst on the ‘road’ and only recognised something was out of place when you landed in the home of sour moods.

Notice it hardly happens that you are just happy but don’t know why you are! If you’re an exception to this rule, please leave your number so I can call you for prayers and laying on of hands!

To be S.A. is to be able to go behind the scenes of your feelings quite easily and quickly and whenever you want really, so that you are able to steer those thoughts that create those feelings into the direction you, your renewed spirit infused with the Spirit of GOD, wants them to go. (I’m taking for granted that you know that your thoughts produce your feelings!)

Sometimes I believe this even helps you tune in to what the Holy Spirit might be telling you in moments, because you are able to switch off the ‘noise’ and tune in to your spirit/regenerated mind.

I intend this to be a series of posts, again where the number of posts, n > 1, where I share with you some of my experiences and lessons and advantages of being self aware.

Write and let me know what you think in the comments section below. I hope to share one of my awareness moments with you in the next post. So stay blog-aware till then, hehe . . .

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