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Schalp Attack – 3

Read the first two episodes of this Schalp Attack here and here to be able to get this one.


I was put on a WORD diet: listen to a faith-building message by Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy; read a chapter from one of St. John’s epistles; declare the WORD of GOD over my life for one hour; pray in the Holy Ghost; rejoice and dance before GOD; take the Holy Communion; everyday for seven days.

I did this religiously without fail. Thank GOD I found this website: that had a ton of scriptures I could pray over myself for more than one hour. It was a real lifeline. GOD bless the owners, true true!! My dance song was Chris Tomlin’s GOD’s Great Dance Floor – the two versions on YouTube here and here. I jumped and danced even with the pain and discomfort and itch and crazy hair.

On the Thursday of that week, I went to the doctors’ again who peeled off some of the clotted wounds on my scalp and said the skin under looked okay and I could now wash my hair. So with fear and trembling, I did so Friday morning and I was in pain but thank GOD, not as bad as before.

I think the WORD diet had amp’d up my resistance to pain and hurt and tears. I was in a much more stronger place (Grammar police, eh, I know that’s not proper English, but in this CS world, tautology is allowed! Allow it!) than the previous weeks, I could even go to work and function somewhat, even though not as efficient as the previous half term.

By the Sunday after I had to give it another wash for some relief with a milder baby’s shampoo and conditioner. The following week, I returned to the doctor: swollen right eye + less crazy itch. She decided my scalp looked clear and prescribed anti-allergy tablets.


To be honest, by this time I was near frustration and called my mum who was soon coming to the UK, to speak to her doctors. I ended up speaking to two and one prescribed an antibiotic my mum had to buy from Nigeria and deliver to me personally – the last time I posted Nigerian cough medicine to a friend in London, the delivery snail is still on its way there!

Did I also tell you I had like 4 of my mum’s MFM (Mountain of Fire & Miracles’ Ministries) pastors praying for me too? Hmm, one of my mum’s philosophies is to spread your net as wide as possible as you never know where your help will come from. My siblings were also praying for their sister.

I had to park my GP’s drug and face the medicine mum brought – fat, white tablets that struggled to go through the narrow gate of my throat in one swallow!

Throughout I kept praying and declaring GOD’s WORD over myself and my head. Whenever the itch started, it was my prompt to thank GOD for HIS healing promises over my life and confess Scriptures. My prayers to GOD were for every and all itch to desist over my life, so I could braid my hair again without fear. For full recovery of my scalp especially the areas that had been wounded.

Last episode released same time-ish next tomorrow. Now up here.

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