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Schalp Attack – 2

You can read the first episode of this Schalp Attack drama here and come back to continue with this or it won’t make sense.

Pre-P.S.: Some readers might find the images slightly unsettling; let your odeshi guide you!!

I went back outside and asked two colleagues who confirmed my slight increase in head mass. I don’t know how I managed to function that day. The day just disappeared like it never happened. I don’t even remember it either! Thankfully, no student asked what happened to my head. It probably wasn’t that noticeable, but since I’ve known my head for over 3 decades and I knew I hadn’t been studying too much, I knew something was amiss.

But the odeshi in me just came home took pain relief and carried on. By this time, I noticed my pillowcase was oil-ish but I assumed it was all the oil I was baptising my head with for relief and healing. The penny dropped when the areas of my pillowcase I thought were oil-wet dried up stiff. I realised they were from the weeping wounds on my head flowing to my forehead and drying up looking like I had put white ‘custard’ on my face!  My hair was beginning to look that a recently manured farm!!

By Thursday, a week after the salon visit and £60 down, I woke up with the area under my left eye swollen. I called 999 and was advised to help the doctors open up shop asap.

One Sunday morning, I had to return to the doctors as it didn’t seem like I was getting better. Later in church, I was crying, not in worship but in pain! The pastor laid hands on me and prayed. A friend and family prayed for/with me and then invited us over for Sunday dinner.

Their house is warm like tropical Africa, how I’d normally like it but I couldn’t stay still, I poured cold water on my head for relief and started crying as I was tired of ‘manning up’. I was prayed for again. It seemed as if only my head had become oyinbo (aka caucasian) and was looking for sub-zero temperatures to be calm! Oga, park well jare!!

Side note: My brother’s presence was a thorough blessing. I’m thankful he agreed to do his MSc last academic year! I for don port go back Home or home as I no fit suffer alone. He kept my hands away from my head as much as possible. In fact, he kept me sane walahi!

The family we had dinner with plus my brother advised me to take some time off work to aid my recovery. My brother had already contacted his prayer team, one of whom was a pastor and also advised the time off as my life was more important. ‘Thankfully’ the drugs made me drowsy and gave me cramps plus my hair was so unkempt as I couldn’t touch it. So those were additional reasons for the time off. I couldn’t have called in to work to say my life was under attack, or could I?

Continuing post released same time (-ish) next tomorrow. Come back oh. . .

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