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Road Rage II

You can read part 1 to this tale here to get acquainted with the different public transportation options available to mere mortals in Lagos, Nigeria.

Back to my story, I started off my movement for the day by taking option 6 from my house to the bank. After my banking transactions were done, I wanted to get another 6 or at least an empty 3 to my next destination. After waiting under the hot sun for a while with many invitations from option 2 drivers, I decided to put my life in the hands of Jesus and go with one who seemed older and so safer.

See eh, the okada riders in Lagos genuinely believe they cannot die. The way they weave through traffic, you’ll think they’re the lions in the vehicular jungle that is Lagos roads! You’ll think they have 9 lives and are cat-men, who can easily spring off their bikes if things go south!

Anyway I cautioned the guy to take it easy, that I wasn’t in a hurry and he almost protested that I was underestimating his prowess. To be fair to him, he did a decent job given the typical craziness associated with them. We agreed on N150 (~£0.33) but when he dropped me off with no broken bones or near misses, let’s just say he knew I was impressed!!

Given my latest conquest over the fear of those exposed mobile dangers without helmet and appropriate protection, I took another one of them to my next destination which was close by to the second place. Again, he knew I was impressed with his driving.

On to my fourth errand of the day and I didn’t know how to get to where I was going to. I had only the address and I didn’t want to call my Aunty who I wanted to surprise as she didn’t know I was back in Lagos. So I went with option 5 (Taxify). We landed at the wrong street, thanks to the multiplicity of street names around the same area, given that the so-called post codes in Lagos are only theoretical!

My phone decided it needed a break from working so hard in Lagos heat and started acting funny. I turned it off and back on but it kept on protesting. No calls. No internet. No texting. Nothing. Just staring at me like, whatchu gonn’ do? I couldn’t even check if I still had call credit. That phone was lucky my time as a teacher has increased my longsuffering or it would have entered history! Nonsense. . . .

The Taxify driver was very good and he managed to navigate his way to where I really wanted to go, without me having to call my Aunty. After our visit, we both took an option 3 (keke) to the expressway nearest to her.

Then I did what I hadn’t done in over 10 years. Ready?

I crossed the 4-carriage-way, 8-lane express road section by section. No!! I wasn’t trying to kill myself. I made it alive hence this post if you haven’t clocked yet! Lol . . .

Another option 3 took me home. Because I was going to church as Sinach was going to be ministering, I took a whole option 6 bus to get there. It cost me N1000 (~£2) and the driver was very polite.

After such a great night worshipping GOD, my sister asked her driver to give me a lift home which should have been a 10-15 minute ride. But as we got closer, it began to look like midnight madness on the streets. We saw cars reversing on the road we were meant to be on and driving one-way against traffic. There were 2 lanes of cars driving the opposite direction which meant those with right of way couldn’t get through.

Continue with part 3 here . . .

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