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Reckless Love for the 1

Over the past 2 years or so, I have come to love the music that comes from Bethel and one of the most recent songs from Bethel Music is ‘Reckless Love‘ by Cory Asbury. (He’s probably the same guy backing up in ‘Worthy of it all‘ by David Brymer at the OneThing 2011).

Back to Reckless Love. This song gets me! This song says words my thoughts don’t even have language for. I am particularly fond of the bridge. Listen to it for yourself; it will bless you. In this live version, Cory explains his heart behind the song and it even makes you listen with new understanding.

I was listening to this song recently, after I’d watched the live version, that GOD leaves the 99 to find the 1 – the parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15 verses 3-7. And hearing Cory’s testimony of how GOD found him and put him on HIS shoulder and brought him home, was incredible.

Then my GOD-given creative, analytical mind had this thought, what happens when HE brings you home? When you are now part of the 99? Is HIS love less reckless? Does HE keep chasing you down? Or are things now different?

Now, I know GOD’s love for me is unchanging and un-shifting but it reminded me of what I’ve heard about marriages. That couples tend to stop pursuing each other once the marriage is done. Or the guy stops pursuing his girl’s heart once she has accepted his proposal to date or marry. (Not my portion, Amen?! Lol . . .)

And the response to my prior questions was this:

GOD leaving the 99 to find the 1 doesn’t make you, a 99’er, less uniquely 1.

After HE’s found you, you’re still the 1. After HE’s brought you home, you’re still the 1. You’re the 1 HE wants, no matter how long you’ve been part of the sheepfold. No matter how long you’ve been an elder brother, never squandering your inheritance. You’re still the ‘1’.

Remember, that in you being the one, there might be in you 99 things that are seemingly going good, but there will be this 1 thing HIS reckless love keeps chasing you down for.

There’s always a ‘1’ in you, that GOD keeps coming after. That’s why our relationship with HIM never arrives at its final destination, at least not in this world. There’s always still more with GOD. There’s always still more refining HE does to conform us to the image of HIS dear Son, Jesus Christ. (Romans 8 verse 29).

So dear friends, even if you feel like you’re now part of the 99 found sheep, know this, that HE still leaves the 99 in your life that’s conformed to HIS heart for you and chases the ‘1’ that is still lost.

This ‘1’ may be old hurts and past wounds, wrong mindsets and ungodly beliefs, unhealthy habits and besetting flaws. But GOD is patient and does not seek to overwhelm us by coming after all of them at once.

HE chases that ‘1’ down till HE brings it into HIS fold = the image of Jesus. Then HE goes after the next ‘1’, lighting up every shadow, climbing every mountain, kicking down all walls and tearing down them lies, till HE puts that ‘1’ on HIS shoulder and brings it back into the fold.

There’s still rejoicing over you in heaven as you grow in becoming more like HIS Son every day.

To your knowing you’re dearly loved by the Greatest Shepherd there is, Jesus.

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