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In one of my recent posts, I told you about stressed desserts and how I read a word backwards and it spelt something else, that led to that post.

I was thinking of another angle to what I’d noticed that evening at the restaurant. And I thought about some words that when spelt backwards give another word or an opposite of that word.


Image credit: Mental Floss

Some of these word pairs include:

LIVE → EVIL. I think this one is so apt. It’s a good word-pair. When you are truly alive, truly living, you’ll be doing that only with the life of Christ Jesus living in and through you. Any other way of living is not of GOD and so is of the evil one. In fact, if you spell ‘lived’ backwards, it spells ‘devil’. Phew!!

Want to truly live, invite the Lord Jesus Christ to live in and through you, to take your life and give you His.

GOD → DOG. I remember growing up there was a song with a line in it that said, “how do you treat GOD? Like a G-O-D or D-O-G? How do you treat GOD?” I can’t fully remember the other lines of the song. But I guess a dog is one you give commands to, and GOD is ONE WHO commands your life and the paths you take. So how do you treat GOD? Like ONE you should submit to or one who should submit to your every will and whim? As ONE WHO deserves worship irrespective of situations and seasons of life, or one who you step away from when things don’t go as you want or planned?

MAY → YAM. This one is funny. Yam is tough (it looks like the brown sweet potatoes for my non-African readers :)) Are you as tough as a yam or so full of mays and maybes? Are you firm in what you believe or are you easily swayed by every wind and wave, tossed to and fro and unstable in your ways? Are you built on sand or on the SOLID ROCK?

TOP → POT. I have no words for this, yet! Hahaha . . .

TRAPPED → DE(p)PART. This one is quite straightforward, me thinks. Are you in any prison of any sort where you feel trapped without a way of escape? Today’s the time for you to be pardoned and depart from whatever bondage you’ve been held back in. Jesus sets you free and truly free indeed. Even in His easy yoke and light burden, you are at your freest state.

WARD → DRAW. Another one in which words fail me! Have a go . . .

ExpLAINED → DENIAL(pxe). I agree, I cheated on this one. I’m sure you can easily see why I included this one. Living in denial is no way to live. It’s freeing when there’s someone you can trust and confide in to explain things to. If there’s no one physically around you, then GOD is ever available to listen and lift the issues off your heart. Ask HIM to send someone your way.

NAOMI → I-MOAN. I don’t think Naomi had to call herself Mara, she could have just used her name backwards to emphasize her sadness and loss by moaning!

The downside to all of this was that for a few days and even some weeks after, I kept looking for such words as I read, even my Bible, which was annoying, to be honest *covers face*. It’s not like I’ve ever known to read Arabic that I was now fascinated with reading words backwards. I don’t even have any Arabic sounding friends! But at least, on the upside, it kept my mind busy while sat on the oval white seat!

I hope I did some justice to these words. That’s at least how I saw them. Can you think of other words that spell something else when spelt backwards and you can also find a correlation between the two words?

Leave your examples in the comments section below. If you can’t find any correlation, maybe another reader or even I can help you find one or some!

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