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Personal WORD (SS3)

Recommended read-listening: No Longer Slaves

A few months ago I listened to one of the pastors of Bethel Church, Seth Dahl and he shared how he discovered he had a need to be or feel significant, of significance (I’m probably not quoting him verbatim, excuse me biko). What he said was like a seed planted in my heart. A few weeks after listening to him, it was also confirmed to me that I had a need for recognition. Although I am quite introvert-ish and tend to keep to myself, taking a while to let people into my life, I like to be spotlight-ed. #trueconfession

In and of itself, wanting to be recognised is not an issue unless I now start pursuing it so much so that I strive to get it from all the wrong sources. One of the things Seth spoke about was making sure his significance wasn’t from the number of likes or comments or re-tweets or re-shares or reposts of his online content – he LOVES social media, he says.

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The same thing occurred to me that the fulfilment of my need for recognition needs to come from GOD alone, from people that matter the most and not from temporal or insignificant things that don’t matter in the grand(-er) scheme of things.

So I started praying about it, that GOD should make me so conscious of the fact that HE recognises my every labour of love (Hebrews 6:10), my accomplishments no matter how small; that HE is my greatest ever cheer-leader hollering me forward on this race of life, that HE sees and knows everything I do, nothing is hid from HIS eyes (Hebrews 4:13).

And then a few days later, I read Psalms 139. I kindly advise you read it too. I read it in the New Living Translation (NLT) and in my journal I wrote: “Psalm 139 is one of my answers to GOD filling my need for recognition.”

Verses 7-12 were core for me in that Psalm and I copied it down. There’s something about putting the WORD of GOD from eyes to pen to paper – your own written WORD! #punintended

And I’ll just share with you the few words I wrote in my journal too:

To me this morning, this means GOD is with me everywhere I am and every time, even when I don’t ‘want’ HIM, even when I think HE’s my least favourite person, even when I ‘want’ HIM as far away from me as possible, even when I am reeling in the darkness of anger or pain or hurt or discomfort, HE sees me. HE’s omnipresently present with me. No matter how dark the darkness is in or around me, HE sees me.


Nothing can separate me from HIS LOVE and since HE is LOVE, nothing can separate me from HIM. HE is an unrelenting LOVER pursuing me; (probably) wanting to be with me more than me wanting to be with HIM! #truetalk

Verse 6: “Such knowledge is too deep for me, too great for me to understand.”

Verse 5: Like the Good FATHER that HE is, HE places HIS hand of blessing on my head. Ha! Too love! If that’s not a most loving gesture, I don’t know what is. Remember Jesus too laid his hands on the children His disciples wanted to shuu away from Him (Matthew 19:13-15).

Verse 18b: “And when I wake up, YOU are still with me!” This statement made me laugh . . . lol. As if I slept off to make GOD go away but instead HE stayed watch over me through the night while I was sleeping and when I opened my eyes, Tadaaaa . . . there HE is! Lol . . .

Verses 23-24: is (like) an appropriate response to a GOD that is constantly present with me, to remove from me anything that offends HIM so that I’m led in the path of everlasting life where HE too walks. Things that offend GOD grieve and pain HIM.


I hope you see my heart and what I learnt whilst reading this chapter of the Bible. Feel free to share and comment below. GOD be with you.

To you knowing GOD is with you no matter what, . . .

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