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Next Season’s Tools

This week in Manchester, England has had a few days of a real hot summer. This was followed by days of rain. I think this was nature trying to balance things out.

I’d like to share with you something I feel was brought to my attention while getting ready for the day recently.

When I moved into the house I live in now, there was a ceiling fan in the main bedroom. And because I moved in in Spring, I thought to myself, “why in the world would anybody install a ceiling fan in this cold Manchester?

Now, it wasn’t like the fan had no OFF buttons and was constantly on. It was a nice decorative addition to the space but I didn’t just see the point. I thought it was dangerous as it was within arm’s reach, if I raised my hands.

Until hot summers started. And I was super grateful for this fan in my room, when open windows and ajar doors were both not enough to deal with the sauna effect that the heat from the sun had created in my room during the day.

Tuesday was different though. I remembered my first instinct to get the landlord to remove the ceiling fan those years ago and this thought came to my heart.

In the same way I felt that ceiling fan was not useful to me in the spring season but became a blessing in summer, what if I interpret my perception of the tools God has equipped me with in this season as redundant just because I don’t see the apparent need for it now? Am I quick to throw them off, not maintain and sharpen them, or worse yet, completely disregard or discard them?

tool set on plank

In the time of peace, prepare for war, it is said. And this is ever so true. Even in this season the world has been living in for the past 3 months or so. Life is unlikely to be exactly the same as it was pre-covid19. What tools, resources or people have been handed over to you that you’ve discounted just because they don’t seem useful today?

My thought would be for you to at least store them up safely. As time progresses, the need for them would become apparent. Nurture your new relationships. Sharpen your skills. Refine your abilities. Define your purpose. Clarify your vision. Connect deeper with God.

police army commando special task force

When the season changes, the need or battle will prevent itself and you’ll be ready to keep moving, avoiding stalling or stagnating. Because you’ve done the leg work in this season. Remember the ants gather their food in summer.

I’m speaking to myself, by the way.

To your recognising your next season’s tools, . . .

P.S.: With all that’s going on in the world, you might not see the need to have a good laugh. But that is so untrue as God Himself admonishes us to choose joy again. Remember, Rejoice! Again, I say, Rejoice!! Or Laughter is good medicine for the soul?

My new book on my funny classroom stories will help you do just that. You can now order it on Amazon. And if you enjoy it, please leave me a review and I shall be very grateful.

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