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my driving history

Recently as I was parking my car, on getting home from work, I remembered how the first many months of my in-my-own-car driving experience was like. And all the episodes that happened, that looking back at, are thankfully now funny! I’ll like to share some of my driving memoirs with you in this post. Hehe . . . Enjoy!

(a) As I pulled up my hand brake on this fine sunny cool 6 pm British weather, I remembered how I’d forgotten to pull up the hand brake some months back when I went to see a movie with my brother. Even though we spent some time in the car before leaving that open-air car park, I just didn’t see that the hand brake wasn’t up! Only realising by the time we got back.

Thank GOD HE kept that car and no one decided to lean and borrow-pose on Bumble-bee for a selfie. Or else it would have been: “row, row, row your car; gently down the path; into the fence the bumper will hit; and some dents be made.

(b) The first time I drove the car back to Manchester from Loughborough, I remember how I was sat so close to the steering wheel for the 2-3 hour journey that by the time I got out of the car, I almost fell to the ground! My leg joints had lost blood circulation and I was cramped for a while after that. Thankfully, it was a half-term break, so my body could recover. I was so tense all over, you’d think I had been driving, or even dragging a loaded armoured tank!

(c) One time, I was driving a rental car back to its owners from a nearby village I’d just been to run an errand and I mistakenly took the wrong exit at the roundabout. Thankfully (or not), it was a dead end, so I had to turn around. My sat-nav said “turn left”. I heard “turn left”. But apparently, the driving part of my brain went back to Nigerian roundabout rules.

Now in the UK, we drive on the left side of the road, so turn left should have just been a simple turning left without any roundabout manoeuvrings. But not for me oh. I turned right into the roundabout and proceeded to make my way circling around it before going on my “left” journey.

A double-decker bus was facing me as I was internationalising the UK road laws. The driver was borderline laughing at me. I didn’t understand why but I waved an apology shaa. An older guy was looking at me funny. I sent another apology his way, just to cover my base. As I finally made it into the “left” road, I couldn’t figure out why they were both looking at me weird.

It was about 4-5 minutes later, I finally realised what I’d just done. If I was white, I’d have turned blue with the amount of blood I felt rush out of my face. I just thanked GOD it happened in a quiet village town, not a major city, where they might not only have stripped my licence from me, but also banned me, maybe deported me even! Lol . . . But GOD covered me! Hallelujah!

To your noticing how far you’ve come so that you can truly give GOD thanks, . . .

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