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My Director of Education

This snowy second weekend of December is my mama’s birthday! Almost 6 decades on this planet earth. It’s not a joke! And yes, she’s really a Director of Education in Lagos State but I bet if you saw her, she wouldn’t strike you as one. I have to confess that I myself didn’t believe it at first. I assumed my brother was just prophesying over her and hailing her!


Until I dared to ask and she said, yes na, since! I was like, chai! How didn’t I know that! So this blog post is dedicated to her today!

The day thunders roared and angels sang that a mighty woman of GOD has graced planet earth; the day the devil trembled that a giant has been born; the day history was written that four great warriors cannot but be brought forth; the day heaven rejoiced to see, is upon us!

Mrs Georgina M. Njoku is a year wiser, a year stronger; a year more beautiful; a year more gracious; a year happier; a year more fulfilled; a year older!

GOD is good to us by being good to you; faithful to us in being faithful to you; loving on us in loving you; fighting for us when HE fought for you; blessing us as HE blesses you!

A woman like no other; A queen like none else; A fighter like ‘kilode’; A wife like sweet wine; A mother like an eagle; And a ‘grandma’ like a bear!

We join the hosts of heaven to celebrate you today!

Bring the robe and ring; Pour the wine and drink; Deck the halls and sing; Kill the fatted calf and eat.

Rejoice cos Heaven rejoices over her. GOD dances and sings over her.

Happy birthday to dear Mrs Njoku, You, a mighty woman of GOD!

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