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My Daniel Fast – Food

I decided to tag along with the recent 7-day fast organised by Bethel Church. Thankfully, it was the first week of the Easter holidays so I could give it better attention than if I was working.

I knew I didn’t want to do a dry fast as I would be distracted by the hunger. My odeshi hasn’t reached that level yet. The 6-to-6 one aka eat-only-after-6pm, didn’t appeal either. Bethel had different fast suggestions, so I decided to go for the Daniel Fast, which is basically no animal foods, juices or processed food, only vegetables and even water had to be filtered, distilled or spring’d!

Image credit: SBC Miami

That was going to be more of a challenge cos to be honest in the first two days of the fast, I thought this to myself, if any Nigerian says they are Vegan or even Vegetarian, then that person can be the prime suspect in a crime case!

But Daniel I decided it was and Daniel it was going to be and went shopping. Mehn, it was war! Just trying to conjure up what I could swallow without the input of meat or fish or egg or the chicken that laid the egg was war! I must have looked like a wanderer in Tesco, picking up things, looking at their ingredients lists and putting them back down cos they contained artificial stuff!

Only GOD knows the crap we’ve been eating all this time. I had to buy rock salt, extra virgin olive oil and fresh seasoning! Walahi, this food industry has made rubbish eating more accessible and cheaper!

Because I had a wedding to attend the official 7th day of the fast, I decided to start a day earlier even though I had another function to attend that day, but I reasoned the temptation to un-daniel my fast will be much less on the first day than the last day.

Anyway after shopping on Sunday afternoon after church and resisting all the cookies and sweet biscuits, I made it home certifiably hungry and proceeded to cook for the week. I combined plantain, red, green and yellow peppers, onions, peas and carrots + tomatoes in a sauce-like joint that made me marvel. I boiled brown rice to go with it – I might as well have gone to the farm to harvest the rice myself!! I know what is left in the pack will be parked there for a long time!

I made porridge beans and porridge sweet potatoes. I couldn’t even make Moi-moi, cos if you’re like me, moi-moi is not interesting if there’s no treasure to be found at the center! I couldn’t use my stew nor my soups cos they all contained meats! No eggs! No fish! Not even salmon! No chips either! Not even sweet potato fries! No agege bread! No milk! My Dano milk!!! No chin-chin!! No plantain chips! No kuli-kuli! Not even herbal teas talk less of black tea!

I had to hide my Robinsons squash and eggs out of sight! That doesn’t mean they left my mind though!

I am still grateful to GOD for the person that invented the wonderfully satisfying combination of banana and roasted groundnuts! That must be the legit-est snack ever! It ministered to my snacking need! Apples and tangerines became my friends!

I also lost some weight, about 2-3 kg and even though I could eat what I pleased by day 8, I wasn’t in the mood. Even my usual Achilles’ heel – agege bread, wasn’t appealing! I think my stomach shrunk. My taste buds were edited!

By day 2, I let go in the shower and I realised even that was different – new entry into the gas log book! My smoke alarm could have gone off! I took a picture of my face cos I was expecting a face to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom by day 7! The pimples on my forehead were gone!

That I survived without being grumpy was a miracle in itself especially as some crazy family issues came up by day 4. But GOD gave so much wisdom that by day 5, all was sorted and tempers were calmed!

Have you done a similar fast? Let me know in the comments section below.

To your trying new things, . . .

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