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Look and Live

Remember how I started the last post that had a slight detour that turned into a major detour that needed more space than a few paragraphs that led to the original post being postponed to a later date? No? You don’t remember? Oya, go and read about it here. Then come back and continue with this one.

So I was talking about how I hadn’t written in a long time and needed to do so quickly to avoid being a 1-in-21-days writer and remembered an incident that happened in my early days of driving. Anyone ever had those awkward moments when you looked at something but did not see it?  

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Your eyes did the job it was designed to do, but your brain was either on overload or asleep in that moment that it did not register what was ‘looked‘ nor interpret it especially when that interpretation is necessary for life and godliness! In case you’re too cool for such occurrences, me, I’m a mere mortal and I’ll share one of mine with thee. Read up!

On the way to my local Tesco store car park, there is a pedestrian crossing. (Context: this was my second month of driving.) On this pedestrian crossing was an older man who was about half-way through the crossing and a couple of steps on to my half of the road. On the other side of the road were cars waiting for said man to complete his crossing before continuing on their merry way. As said man approached my side, I kept driving. I honestly ‘looked‘ (at) him but I did not ‘see‘ him. I hope that makes sense.

In other words, my brain did not take the information my eyes gave it nor send it to the memory bank of UK Driving Rules it learnt while preparing for the theory and practical tests over two years ago, and so could not send a signal to my left leg to press down on the clutch pedal nor to my left hand to change gears to gear 1 nor to my right leg to move from the gas pedal to the brake pedal and then to finally stop.

So this child of GOD kept going even though my guy was halfway on the crossing. Let’s just say he wasn’t that pleased with what just unfolded before his very two eyes that he let out some expletives – words I’d rather not hear on a fine Thursday morning in spring. I quickly apologised verbally and with my hands and I hope he forgave the errors of my ways. I’d have parked and gone back to him to apologise but I was too shaken to think straight, and remember, my road/driving part of my brain wasn’t fully functional in that hour.

Of course, you should know by now that there’s a moral to this story! I recalled this incident while thinking of what to write next. And it started to take on flesh because you see (pun intended!), aren’t there times we look at GOD’s blessings, GOD’s wonders, GOD’s interventions, GOD’s miracles and don’t really see them for what they are?

We wake up everyday (since you’re reading this post, you woke up at some point today!) and go about our jolly way but fail to see, to really see that we have been kept by the power of GOD. My brother recently shared with me something his pastor taught: that GOD’s power to preserve is more powerful than HIS power to deliver. I need to chew on that some more too. I’ve never really thought of GOD’s power as having different levels.

We go through life everday, look at people and fail to really see them. Sometimes even our close family and friends. It’s like we have this cataracts in our eyes that make us see men as trees. Until sometimes, GOD interrupts us by (temporarily) healing our sights and making us hear the heartbeats of others with all the different undertones – good, bad and ugly, in them. Then we begin to see them and almost become one with them.

When we look and see, then we look, see and really live. Just looking is not enough; we need to see. To see people around us as children of GOD made in HIS image and likeness; to see GOD’s mercies aka unfailing love in our daily lives no matter how dim and dull it may seem; to see GOD’s creation and nature as HIS love tapestries and songs to us; to see HE’s with us in a smile from a stranger, an offer of help from another stranger, a business conversation cum training with another stranger, kind assistance from yet another and an almost intrusive checking in from a waiter while at a restaurant (all this happened to me in one day!). We begin to see these times as godly, if not holy and divine moments where we can line up with what GOD may want to do through, in, to, with, from and for you.

From today, let’s make up our minds to be aware, to see, to look out for them GOD-moments and see HIS Hands leading us on in this life. If you now realise that you were living blind or partially blind before, don’t worry, Jesus always has the last laugh. Ask Him to help you see and help you live, really live.

To the opening of blind eyes and of closed hearts, . . .

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