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You may have noticed I have not written in almost a week now. Well, I have an excuse, sorta, I’ve had a bit of writer’s block! Now, this is not because I haven’t seen GOD in my dailies, I mean that’s the subtitle of this blog. And I have been writing in my journal quite regularly too! It’s just I haven’t been inspired to take any of those sightings broader nor forward. I asked my brother-man for ideas, he gave some funny (more like silly) ideas and finally this one I’m writing today.

I thought I’ll talk about what happened to me quite recently and how I no longer feel silly for writing things like ‘grateful for safe driving to work’ everyday in my gratitude journal.

So I had a meeting with some senior colleagues, that for the sake of how much I want to honour these people, I won’t go into details here. Anyway, the meeting left me feeling like clothes on a washing line with no protection from the sun, SPF NADA! ZILCH!! I was hurt and I went home shortly after that. Remember my Hezekiah it post? Well, I had to continue practising what I was preaching.

Image credit: Just Faith Ministries

As soon as I got home, I went to my ‘closet’ and prayed. I started crying, told the good LORD how I felt, that I received no empathy whatsoever even though it was known that the situation I was dealing with almost everyday had been a difficult one for over a year now, that hanging in that ‘sun’ just made me tan into a sad face and not glow at all, that I was hurt and upset and disappointed and all them related emotions, (this probably sounds cryptic as I’m trying to be discrete, but bear with me please!)

I stayed there for a long time, played some music, called a friend who’s in a similar situation to me, she advised and prayed with me. I stayed on my knees some more, then downloaded the meeting and its after effects to my brother who was at home then, and I was still very upset. I was actually surprised by that. So I knew I still felt hurt and so I needed to keep talking to GOD about it. Anyway, I hung out with the brother-man that evening and eventually went to bed feeling lighter or maybe just exhausted really.

Image credit: Step to Health

By the next morning, I still felt sad but he said feelings are fickle (true that!) and would pass. I had to confess out loud that I forgive my ‘hurt-er’ especially as further conversations needed to happen after that meeting. My mood was still foul and I couldn’t make eye-contact (Yes! I am a child like that! My emotions are on my face. Help me, LORD! Shey Jesus said we need to receive the Kingdom of GOD as little children? [Matthew 18:3] Eh! I take that verse literally! Sue me! Lol . . .)

I still had to face the difficult situation the next couple of days and was so drained and sad after that. But GOD sent me an angel-in-young-child form. Wooohooooo!

She passed by my room and stopped just to say hello and gave me a really genuine smile, I could have hugged her and cried at the same time! And I was dead honest with her; I told her she doesn’t understand what she just did. That she just gave my day a better ending than what it was looking like at that moment and has truly blessed my heart. And I gave her a heartfelt thank you with my right hand on my heart for the full effect. Even her friend waiting outside was smiling at the conversation.

Isn’t GOD just a good, good FATHER who loves us with such crazy, crazy but personal kind of love? HE knew just what I needed and sent it my way just when I needed it too!

It even became clearer to me at Bible Study that evening during the testimony time how GOD had used the people around me throughout the day to make me really smile and look beyond my hurt feelings to respond to + receive the joy and smiles and lovely conversations and happiness they carried in themselves and showed towards me.

To your experiencing a GOD who’s got HIS eyes on you, . . .

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P.S.: he said I should tell you to read this post while listening to Synesthesia – Bethel on B&O speakers . . . #justamessenger #lol

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