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Letting Go of Bumblebee

Today was the day. On this day, the 21st June 2020, 4 years, 4 months, 6 days after I bought Bumblebee, he made his way to his new owner. I share about some of the memories I’ve made with him here.

To say the least, it felt like a season had come to an end and a bit emotional

to be honest. While thinking of why I was emotional, I concluded it was because he was christened Bumblebee, for which I’d have to blame my brother.

My friends and online fam got to know him. He was a faithful car and yes, I had to replace his battery a few times (not sure what part of the human body corresponds with battery. If you do, let me know in the comments.) I replaced the alternator twice, whether I was sold what I didn’t need as a woman driver is up for discussion. I replaced 2 of his legs (tyres) but other than these, he served good.


We went on long journeys. He listened when I told him to stop misbehaving. He didn’t eat too much (low mpg) or complain when I overloaded him. He didn’t throw any tantrums by breaking down on the highways! He fit into small corners. He stayed away from accidents except at the start of his adoption process with me when one of his metal brothers rammed into him from behind.

He took me to Birmingham, Nottingham, Loughborough and all around Manchester. We went shopping for food, clothes and drinks. I left him once overnight for two nights under the heavens and he didn’t complain when I returned. He stayed where I left it. So loyal.

He worked hard and let me know when I was breaking the speed limits on the motorway by vibrating just that bit more. After which sense came back into my brain.

He carried my friends and family safe to and from places. He kept himself from getting scratched. When someone stole one of his eyes (side mirrors) and his shoe (tyre cover), he looked so sad. I felt bad for him. So I had to pray for his protection from unscrupulous people!


All in all, I miss Bumblebee. But I know he’ll be a blessing to his new family.

And apparently, he’s eventually going to Africa. So who knows, we might meet again?

P.S.: If you have enjoyed some of my classroom stories on this blog, you are in for a treat! I have written a book on some of my more humorous classroom stories and it’s now available on Amazon. I will be absolutely honoured to hear what you think of it.

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