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Indoor Rain

This one happened this morning. I’m at home, my real home and decided to sleep in the living room aka parlour if you’re from my part of the world. Not that my bed wasn’t comfortable or I liked small spaces but because that room had an air conditioner (AC) in it.

NEPA or whatever it is called these days, is obviously listening to Jesus and turning on the light for me so I haven’t been that uncomfortable so far. As I was approaching the gates to my house last night, the whirling siren a few houses have sounded a certain sound that told me electricity has begun flowing into the house from the main grid! Thank you Jesus!

By the time I was about to sleep at ungodly o’clock, said electrical current was still flowing. Hence the decision to take full advantage of it and sleep in the parlour.

Next thing you know, about 2.30am, I hear water dripping or falling or cascading down. First thought for a tropical place is, “it must be raining outside!” But the sound was only coming from the window next to the AC and outside looked dry.

Then next thought was, “the water tank just outside that window must be full and leaking.” However, no one was pumping water and a sudden leakage was maybe the neighbours ‘fetching’ water. I looked out the window and saw no one. Back to bed I went. Or should I say, back to sofa I went, ignoring the drip drip drop drop.

I awakened intermittently to the sound still going and I convinced myself that worst case, the whole tank would leak empty itself!

Come about 6am, I woke up to go pee and stepped into the red sea that had moved into my living room floor, given the pink tiles. Since it was a bit dark and I had no rod, I couldn’t see to part the waters. I waded through it and turned on the light only to realise the AC had been draining its condensation inside instead of outside.

Mop and bucket and muscle to the rescue. Dried the floor, put same bucket under AC and went to pee. Turned on the ceiling fan to speed up drying process. My mum was awake then and I told her what had just happened. She brought more floor rags and proceeded to search for an AC repair specialist who had helped my sister fix a similar problem.

I carried on with my quiet time and later went on Google to search for a solution. True, true, Google is your friend!! I found a video on YouTube describing simple solutions to such gut leakage. Fully armed with my new knowledge, I stepped outside to practise what has just been preached to me.

It worked people! It worked!! Leak stopped. Dried off floor. Removed bucket. Drip drip drop drop music silenced!

Then it dawned on me that because of the cheapness of labour, we might have short-circuited ourselves in tjis country from being self-reliant.

If this happened in the UK and I had to call out a repair person, I must have at least £20-30 (aka >N10,000) at hand just for call-out charge. My mum was well pleased and told me all her academic lessons were paying off….lol

To your learning to learn, . . .

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