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I will wait…

So what were you thinking when you saw the title to this post? Eh? I’m quite sure not a few of your minds may have travelled to some things marriage and relationships based. World people! Lol. . . Well, to be honest, that sorta informed why I decided to give this post this title. Gotcha!! Hehe.


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Having said that, that’s not all we wait for, is it? Different life situations call for different wait times. So recently, I for the first time went with a guy to a barber’s shop to have his hair reorganised…lol. Prior to this time, I thought barbing hair takes less, much less, minute fractions of the amount of time we ladies take to braid or fix or plait or perm our hairs. I was alone in this belief bubble. I was in for a shock, we arrived around 14.43, the barber was working on someone’s hair. I  thought, max 10 minutes, he’ll be done with the guy and it’ll then be our turn. Who say?! We waited for about 45 minutes for that one hair arrangement session to be concluded. Then waited for another 30 minutes or so to have a kid’s hair shorn. And finally it was our turn.

I had to say to my companion, that I could have done half of braids in that time and possibly some manicure, depending on how multi-tasky the salon is! He finally got his full head of hair sorted about 2 ½ hours after our entry to the shop, and while waiting, I penned this post. I observed that there were two guys that we met there that were still waiting while my guy was getting his hair done. And it got me thinking… Not that I don’t think otherwise….



I bet if you asked those guys to wait for something else, they might not have been so patient. Our level of patience with specific things usually shows the level of importance we attach to that thing. Having said that, are our priorities in the right places? Have we allocated the capacity of our patience reservoir in correct proportions to the various aspects of our lives? Sometimes I believe we do not.

You may disagree with these examples but these readily come to mind; here they are: if you’re an adrenaline junkie, waiting over 60 minutes for a 60-second ride, though a disproportionate ratio, is nothing to you! Queueing for hours outside your fav designer store from midnight of Boxing Day to pick that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing all year, in sub-zero temperatures, is a worthy sacrifice to you. You need one more example? I think not. I’m sure you can come up with examples from your own life where your waiting time for something is disproportionate to the reward you get from that thing. And bear in mind, that I’m looking at these rewards from an eternal perspective.

Would we, would I, be prepared to wait 6 hours for a 60-second manifestation of GOD HIMSELF?

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Lesson: we need to be mindful that we are prepared to give the required level of patience to get the best of what we need to move into the place GOD is calling us to occupy. Important, eternal things should be where we give our full attention to walk into GOD’s provision for us, no matter what area of life we are required to wait in, be it marriage, ministry or miracles. In addition, be prepared to wait with the right attitude, learning and doing as much as possible during the waiting season (just as I observed and wrote this post…hehe..I kid)

Remember king Saul impatient with prophet Samuel’s arrival for the sacrifice? Don’t be like Saul (I Samuel 13).

To your willingness to wait correctly…

Disclaimer: Waiting to get your hair done or go on rides is not a sin. Don’t lose my point with this post please.

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