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I was once quarantined

Except you’re living under a rock, in the middle of nowhere, out in an undiscovered forest, in another plant, you must at least have heard of the virus that’s affecting most of the world. Countries are closing their borders to contain the spread. Some have been on lock down; people have died and finances are getting seriously stretched.

Everyone has been directly or indirectly affected by the virus. I’ve had some business cancelled. Hence, some loss of side income. But thank God I am and will be whole, hale, happy and healthy. And so is my family. If you have not yet listened to The Blessing, please

do so singing it over yourself and your family.

So while praying at home this evening, the whole isolation and social distancing thing brought back memories from over 13 years ago when I too had to be quarantined. Thankfully, I was still in my parents’ house. To be honest, somebody’s eyes were crying.

I’d finished my first degree at the University of Lagos and was hassling my lecturers to tell me my results before they were officially released. I was feeling a bit off but my desire for a 1st class, drove me out of the house everyday.

I had very high temperatures on and off but more so at night. I felt so cold that I shivered. If you can imagine that in tropical Africa! I knew I wasn’t well but didn’t say much to my parents. I just stayed in anguish in bed, calling my aunt instead!

Eventually, I had to be taken to the hospital and for the first time in my life, I was admitted, placed on drips and many tests and scans ran on my body. If you can believe it, I got even skinnier, down to just over 50kg! Skin and bones, that is. It was discovered that I had a pulmonary lung disease. Only God knows where that came from.

After about a week of being admitted and to avoid the rising hospital costs (no medical insurance), my parents had to bring me home. But I couldn’t mix with the rest of the family.

I had to stay in the visitor’s room on the ground floor while the rest of the family slept upstairs. I had my own plate, cup and cutlery. And only came out to take my medication which was a whole lot. I don’t remember how long I was in that condition for. Probably more than a couple of weeks.

As you might imagine, I hated it. It was very boring. Nothing interesting to do, watch or read. Not many games to play on my Nokia 3310! It’s no wonder I don’t readily recall it. My family had to be careful as we were told the disease was contagious. I probably need to ask them if they remember what that period was like.

Back to present day England, self-isolating and social distancing. I’m thinking of those that have contracted the virus and how their known associates would perceive them, even if they’re being treated or have recovered. How would things change for them? Would they now be treated differently? While it’s a blessing to be healed from the virus, how would their lives change going forward? Would it need to be kept a secret?

I’m thinking some counselling and therapy might be needed for those that do recover from or were closely involved with the infection. Because for my own experience to still cause me to lose some salty water, I can’t imagine how those whose experiences are more recent would deal with the trauma of it. Fear of their lives. Thinking if they would they make it or not. How would their friends and family now respond to them?

Anyway, some of my musings. After all, that’s the headline of this blog.

To your wellness, joy, peace and health in these times. Stay away from the fear. Stay hopeful. Do what you love. Complete that pending project. Take care of your spirit, soul and body. God bless and keep you!

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