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I remet a guy

So here I was at this training event and met up with a dear friend from Loughborough which was lovely. I soon learnt a guy I might know from same base was also at this event. I recognised the name but wasn’t sure as my friend didn’t have as much of him as I had. Anyway, my suspect was confirmed that morning and I did in fact know him from before.

By the next day, I joined him and a lady friend of his for a shopping a la dressing-for-a-new-role-trip. It was fun. We had lots of laughs. I learnt about manspreading, and it was fun to watch him squirm while trying not to manspread. . . . lol.


The Jump

As we went from shop to shop on the streets of London, our conversation turned to our individual relationship statuses aka were we engaged, dating or married. Neither of us three were and it was really lovely to talk about it openly without pretence or fear of being judged or looked down on because of where one was in that part of their lives.

Our conversation them turned to the guy about the kind of woman he wants to date. Bearing in mind that all three of us were PhD holders, we were smart in our own rights whether you agree or not. Well, our guy proceeded to tell us without mincing words that he didn’t want to marry an educated girl. I then asked him if he wanted to marry a girl from the village that couldn’t speak English. He initially said yes but sorta corrected himself, that not that backwards but not too educated because the woman would not submit to him or would be too full of herself or prideful.

Us two ladies proceeded to give him our opinions of what he just said. He’s walking the streets of London with two smart ladies and he wants his children to be brought up by an uneducated woman just because he feels he might be intimidated by a very educated one. We said his children would have better prospects in life having an educated mother. We also said that we were happy to be housewives or at least not have a full-time 9-5 job. He was actually surprised we thought that way.

Personally, if my husband tells me tomorrow, “babe, I don’t think your salary is making a serious dent in our expenses. Please can you work from home, be a full-time housewife or at least work part-time?” I’d hand in my resignation letter the next day at work and even throw a party for my about to be former colleagues. And I honestly mean it!

I mean, why would I be depriving my family, especially my children of their mum’s presence particularly in the early years just to make extra money? Life’s not all about how much money you have. There are more important things than money oh!! Presence can’t be bought. Although technically my husband would be buying my full-time presence by bringing the bacon home.

Back to the guy! He basically said we’d restored his faith in women. And I wondered to myself how many men thought in the same manner? Writing themselves off of a very educated lady just because of her level of education or his lack of confidence in his ability to lead without fear of not being listened or submitted to.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

To your thinking deeply about your convictions, . . .

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