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I know my father

“How are you getting home tonight?”, one of the leaders asked, wondering quietly how he even got to the youth meeting that evening.

“I’m walking home”, he replied. “And where do you live?” “Victoria Avenue.” “Seriously? You plan on walking all the way there?” “Yes, I walked here from there”, he said, shrugging his shoulder, like I was crazy for even allowing that question pass through my brain! “You don’t have a bus pass or bus money?”, she inquired. “It’s fine. I’ll walk home”, he restated, as he started to make a move towards the front exit.

Protestingly, the leader complained, “Victoria Avenue is too far! It’s dark and it’s cold!”,  sounding worried for his welfare, but impressed with his commitment. “No, it’s fine. I walked down, so I’ll be able to walk back home”, he insisted, as his body inched closer and now almost fully turned towards the door. “Wait and I’ll give you a lift, once I’ve locked up the doors.”


His friend interjected, “My dad’s here to pick up my brother and me. Come with us.” But he carried on almost adamantly, “don’t worry; it’s fine. I’ll walk.” As his friend waved him closer towards their opposite exit, he responded, “No. Come on. He’ll give you a lift”.


His house is not even close to being on their way home!, the leader thought.

“Are you sure?”, he checked, seemingly reluctant to believe the probability of walking home was inching away from 1 towards 0. “Of course, yes! Don’t worry he’ll give you a lift”, his friend replied.


I didn’t realise what has just transpired before me in less than a 3-minute time frame. A conversation between two friends who lived in opposite directions from each other, and somewhat opposite lives too.

On one hand, the one who lived farther, over 10 minutes drive away, was ready to walk back home, because that’s what you do in the UK – walk! On the other hand, the one who lived less than 5 minutes’ walk away had his dad come pick him up.

The confidence with which he told his friend that his dad, his father, would give him a lift home, must have settled deep in my mind, ready to be regurgitated at a later date and chewed upon like the cud!

He was so confident his dad would take his friend home, he didn’t even ask permission prior to reassuring his friend of his dad’s generous nature.

My thinking. What would it look like, how would life be different both for me and for the people I interact with, if I knew without looking for Bible verses to back me up or even asking His permission, that my Dad, my Father GOD is able, ready and willing to give my now and yet-to-be-Fathered friends a lift – be it healing, saving, helping, teaching, comfort, encouragement, peace, joy, hope, love and so many other things they might need to make their lives that bit easier and more enjoyable?

This is the confidence John the Beloved spoke about in 1 John 5:14-15, that we know that we have whatever we ask of HIM when we ask according to HIS will, being reassured that HE hears us.

This is the same confidence Mary the mother of Jesus displayed when she told the attendants at the wedding feast, whatever He asks you to do, do it (John 2:5).

The same confidence Abraham showed in response to Isaac’s question, the LORD will provide Himself a lamb (Genesis 22:8).

Davis showed the same confidence before Saul and his men when he said, the God that delivered the lion and the bear into my hand will deliver this uncircumcised Philistine too (1 Samuel 17:45-47).

Same confidence Jesus spoke with when He said, it’s the Father’s pleasure/will to give His children the kingdom (Luke 12:32).

It’s a challenge to me personally, and hopefully to you, that you and I get to know the ONE we call GOD, as the Father that HE is and longs to be to you and to me, the one primary nature Jesus Christ came into this world to reveal HIM as.

To our journey of discovering GOD as Father, . . .

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