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So far, I’ve done 2 posts here and here on how I hear some things differently that sound the same, and so have different meanings to them. I have enjoyed finding out some of these things and because I need to write weekly this year, minimum 52 blog posts in total, I’m writing this one to share some extra ones I’ve found since the last post. This one is an easy and quick read. Enjoy.

This one came to me this evening while I was washing up dishes and cooking for the week. Thinking of adding bay leaves to the boiling rice, and the second meaning then came to mind. I think this one is explanatory. (Please ignore the watermarks, I couldn’t be bothered paying to pay for the unmarked ones!)

If you ever read the King James Version of the Bible or ever sung the hymn, How Great Thou Art, then you know where this one came from. If you get inspired by it for your brand logo because you’re into art, paintings, drawings, etc, reference this page, that you got it from here. Thank you in advance. Hehe….

This one, I fond funny. I thought of it while telling off some of the students in my class for bickering at each other. I told them they were not chickens and to end the verbal dispute. Probably over something silly they would have forgotten by the end of that lesson. Feel free to use it if and when you get the chance to.

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