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Hear different

Some times it may seem like because it’s a Christian song from your favourite Christian worship band, you can just sing along cheerfully. Especially after you’ve listened to the song so many times that you can even do all the adlib and all the extra notes and rifts with the artists! At least I do. Infact, you wonder to yourself why you’re not on the track itself!

I’m beginning to learn that that not only means we’re not really paying attention and therefore not probably worshipping in spirit and in truth  like Jesus would have us do, but mindless singing blinds our hearts from really hearing what God might be wanting to say to us, through that song, in that worship time. Be it in church with others or on your own elsewhere.

Two songs I really love are, Living Hope by Phil Wickham and Ever Be by Kalley Halligenthal of Bethel Music.

With Living Hope, while singing one Sunday in church, instead of seeing/hearing with the eyes of my mind ” Jesus Christ my Living Hope“, I saw/heard ” Jesus Christ my Live-In Hope”. It made me smile. And isn’t that just the truth. Jesus Christ, my LIVE-IN Hope. He lives in us by His Holy Spirit who brings faith, hope and love to our lives. Because He lives, we can face tomorrow. Without this reassurance, some of us would have given up a long time ago. And He is the only Hope of this world.


The first line of the chorus of Ever Be says, Your praise will ever be on my lips. I’ve sang this song literally countless times (who keeps count anyway?). In the not too distant past, while paying attention to what I was singing, another spin on those words came to my mind. Your praise will ever beyond my lips.


Of course, that is not grammatically correct but it made me smile and think that I don’t just want my praise to GOD to sojourn only lips, i want them to flow out, to be heard and felt around and beyond me. Not a whisper but a roar, loud enough. But to be grammatically correct, I changed it to, Your praise is ever beyond my lips. I then did a whatsapp story and then an Instagram post and shared it online. My amazing siblings then sent me their take on it. Their words brought tears to my eyes reminding me of GOD’s daily display of HIS goodness to me in giving me the siblings I have.

Yes, of course. I’m generous, so I’ll share it with you. Here you go:

WSP: That is, I can’t praise you enough

Dubs: Meaning also, my praise is also beyond just speaking or singing. I could dance also, jump also, run also. Probably give as an act of praise.

Issi: Could also mean my praise isn’t just lip service. It comes from a deep place.

I loved them!! I didn’t even think of it those ways till then. But they all blew my mind. So precious.

So, here’s to your seeing beyond what’s on the surface. Go on, go deep. See different, hear different.

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