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Healed for Life

I recently attended a women’s retreat called Healed for Life, which I have abbreviated to H4L, for my writing convenience . . . lol. This 2-day, women-only event is run through the year by Pastor Jo Naughton of Harvest Church, London. I heard of the retreat at a women’s conference in July hosted by Prophetess Chi of Christian Women of Influence (CWOI) where Pastor Jo ministered. I signed up as the timing was perfect for my teacher self – summer holidays.

Image credit: Jo Naughton

Even though I signed up, I didn’t actually pay till about a week to the program. I don’t part with money easy; GOD is working on me in that area. Can I get an Amen?! So finally shaa, after GOD kept bringing up childhood memories I needed to face and deal with, even those I hadn’t thought about in years, it was more than enough signal for me to bite the bullet and get my behind down to Derbyshire.

I went the night before as going on the day would have meant leaving home too early for comfort but meant I had to pay extra for one night’s bed and breakfast. But when it comes to a healthy soul, my GOD would not let me be tightfisted and thanks to HIM, I had enough sense to spend on my soul!

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But the enemy wouldn’t let up easy; I had diarrhoea on the Tuesday and Wednesday (the day I was to travel there) that my brother had to call me on the phone to pray it out. It was as if there was a straight pipe from the front to the back! I was on the toilet seat when he called, he asked me to lay hands on my tummy and spoke to that diarrhoea. That was my last visit before I left the house!! Halleluyah!!

On my train+bus ride to the programme, I was thinking of what ‘Healed for Life’ could mean. I found two possibilities. One, I’m healed for life as in you get a Netflix one-time, life-time subscription for life (no direct debits or standing order!). Two, I’m healed for life as in my healing prepares me to do life well and as GOD originally designed me to.

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What I came to find out at the event was those two definitions and then some. I have recommended it to 3 friends and family so far because of how much it impacted me. And I’ll do the same to you reading this. You can check out the links here and sign up, pay and go; don’t drag feet like me :).

Anyway, back to reporting my experience . . . lol. From the moment the music started, I could already sense GOD had moved in and tears were already welling up in my eyes. I was like, why?! But hey, I came to meet with GOD, init?

All the sessions seemed targeted to me. Things like rejection, disappointment, fear of man, man-pleasing, and all sorts of pain that prevent us from living the lives GOD wanted us to live were dealt with. It was like I was under-going an open-heart surgery. And I just wanted to let out any wrong memories or negative roots in my life. It was painfully beautiful!

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One thing Pastor Jo said at the start was for us to be selfish; to just think about ourselves and that really helped as I could quickly delete any thoughts that wanted to make me feel too self-conscious to go for prayers. So I was out for every single altar call even if all I could find was 1% relevance to my life.

As a result, I feel equipped with tools, shared next, to continue on this journey on being healed for life, to live life to the full, to be complete in GOD and HIM alone. I have started a journey and there is no looking back, so help me GOD!

Tool 1: asking the question, “if all is well, why am I like this?” which is derived from Rebecca’s pregnancy with Esau and Jacob/Israel – Genesis 25:22, when I find myself reacting wrongly, e.g. reading deep meanings into surface actions.

Tool 2: becoming self-aware, not self-conscious, when I’m reacting/behaving/feeling not joyful nor peaceful; and addressing it swiftly.

Tool 3: becoming like a child and running to GOD when I feel out of sorts and telling HIM just exactly how it’s doing me in my mind; we could all learn from the bluntness of king David.

Tool 4: allowing myself to be open and vulnerable and receive help from those right people GOD has put within my reach

Tool 5: Loads of scriptures from the Bible to confess over myself regularly and habitually.

There are probably more tools, but the length of this post might become unmanageable. Anyway, my point, if you’re able to, head down/up to H4L. Believe me, you won’t regret it. Especially if you’re a woman. I think GOD has a special place in HIS heart for women!

If you can’t go, I recommend the Naughton’s books: Welcome to Ziklag, Lifting the Mask, 30 Day Detox for the Soul and Dreamstealers, all available on her website or Amazon (except the first).

To your total and complete healing for life, . . .

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