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Gym-me so far

From my previous post (which seems like 30 light years ago, my truest apologies dear readers!), I recently joined the gym and I’m about 2 months in, going quite regularly in my opinion.

Since this is my resurrecting post, I’ll just go easy and share my journey so far. Here we go:

I was heading home from church one morning when a friend of mine ​said she could guess why I was regular at the gym. I told her to go ahead. She said it’s because I paid for it!!! And I was like “spot on!!”

To be honest I don’t understand how people will sign a 12/18 month financial contract they can’t back out of without loosing money and then not go to the gym! Count the cost before starting to build, people! #wordforthewise

Mehn, the fact that you have a finger in my bank account is enough to make me get more than one finger’s worth equivalent from you! And now that I’m on holiday #teacherlife, I’m even going more.

My church also has 7-8am prayer meeting three times a week and that has even motivated me to get to the gym for 6.15am so I have no excuse not to go to prayer meeting. Work the body, work the spirit, init? Now to some funny stories…

Last week, I had boiled brown beans, stew and fried plantain two nights in a row. Shall we just say my tummy likes the world to know when I have beans even though I like to keep that info private! It was many hits back to back, literally!!

But I was determined to go to my gym class. And off I went. All was well till I had to do some abs workout. I had to call on the name of the LORD, not for me to be saved though but for the others in the class to be. And guess what? GOD answered those prayers! Only thing was that I had to drive home with my windows down!!

Yesterday, I had a body pump class. Guess who I saw standing next to me? A rather very pregnant woman. If you saw her from the back, you wouldn’t know anything is happening in the front!!

But that was enough motivation for me not to be a chicken lifting 2.5kg weights and wincing when babe was lifting 5kg and swinging her legs at the same time. Operation I no dey carry last! Amen?!

Same yesterday, I decided to try 2 classes I liked back to back: body pump and body combat. I thought to myself, worst case, if I feel like passing out, I’ll just pass out using the doors. As I was throwing punches during the body combat class, I ended up punching my face. Thankfully, face and owner are doing fine! Thank you!!

Next, to be honest, I don’t know why people wear makeup to the gym and then start dabbing their face with their towels to keep the makeup intact. Aunty, you came to lose fat through sweat. Unfortunately for you, your face has some skin with pores on it so your body will try to lose some of that liquid through them pores!

A sign in the gym reads, ‘EAT CLEAN, TRAIN DIRTY’. I take that literally!! And that’s exactly what I do. I wear my due-for-washing clothes to the gym and shower after. All this fashion parade in the gym. Nna, nawa oh!! There must be some psychological reward or stimulus for exercising in nice, fitted ‘gym clothes’.

I hope I have been able to make you laugh or at least smile, as my way of apologising for the rather long blog silence. I hope I’m forgiven? Thank you!!

To your being present in your everyday, . . .

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