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Frank and Zen

Pre P.S.: Recommended music: Raised to Life by Elevation Worship

Only GOD knows what you thought I was going to be talking about in this post given its title . . . lol.

Recently, I acquired a ‘new’ freezer. Now this freezer, let’s call it Zen, was new to my house, not new to being used . . . lol. In other words, I bought it second-hand, thanks to Gumtree. And thanks to proximity, I was also able to get it from the ‘shop’ to my house in Bumble-Bee. My brother was away so I had to lift it from Bumble-Bee’s boot to its final destination under the counter.

Just at the threshold to the entrance of the temple, aka my house, I dusted it, got out them antibacterial wipes and cleaned all the top and sides so meticulously. I removed all the tenants that had made the back of Zen their home – trying not to be greedy by making sure all that came into my house was paid for – didn’t want to get more than I’d paid for. So I made sure all the extras were dropped off!! Yes, I’m honest like that . . . #straightface

I tried brushes, dusters, sticks, clothes but ended up using my hands for the most part to dislodge them tenants. Who says elbow grease isn’t the realest deal?! Ehn? 😉

Finally, it made its grand entry into the temple. But before it was laid to rest in its assigned place, it went through a second round of cleaning. I washed all its drawers in Fairy‘d hot water. Then I put a rag under it and left it to defrost so I could wipe off the memory of its past and give it a fresh start in its new home . . . lol.

As the defrosting took place, I could hear the ice breaking off once there was not enough to hold it up again and crash land then melt at the feet of Zen, making its way to the ground to be absorbed by the rag.

Of course you know there’s always a point to all this story telling. And that’s not different from this one.

 As I was cleaning, I was wondering why I was spending so much time and energy cleaning Zen, given that its senior brother, a taller fridge-freezer, who we shall call Frank, was also a paid adoption and didn’t get this level of purification when I adopted it. And I thought:

the state of the origin of my purchase determined how much muscle power I put into making it fit for my use.

Let me explain. The ‘shop’ from which I bought Zen was, shall we say, not the neatest place I’ve been to. It was untidy and disorganised. I had to ask the seller TWICE if he was renovating so I could excuse what I saw, in my head, to which he answered in the negative those two times. He had just bought a new/bigger fridge/freezer. The occupants seemed nice though as they helped me heave Zen to Bumble-Bee.

Its previous home wasn’t what its new home looked like. So for it to fit well into its new home, it had to be cleaned up and brought up to scratch.

However, the previous home of my now-with-me-6-year-old Frank was sparkling clean. You could roll on the floor of the garage the owner kept it in, in a white tux! I saw the kitchen it served and I could live in it! The seller even apologised for a tiny crack on Frank’s head!

Boys and girls, it shouldn’t take you long to figure out that it was a simple plug-and-play when Frank came ‘home’. No cleaning involved. I started using it immediately.

Frank and Zen had different backgrounds before they were adopted to come live with me. It wouldn’t have been fair on Zen to expect it to fit right in and give me the same satisfaction if I didn’t take the time to cleanse and purify it, making it fit for its mistress’s use. Now that wouldn’t be fair, would it?

Frank, on the other hand, was already set and good to go, that no cleansing or realignment was necessary. It was already being taken proper care of in its previous home.

And I think when we come across people daily, it definitely pays to understand, at least try to understand, where they are coming from, what their normal looks like, what everyday is to them. Or else, we open ourselves up to be hurt from the clashing of wills and habits.

Sometimes we would be the ones needing cleaning up; other times we would be giving the clean up to others. In both cases, we should be open to receiving and giving, to being helped and helping, to bearing others’ burdens and have ours being borne, to being a true player in this thing called life. It can feel like teaching a new dog tricks.

For you to function well in the new place GOD has called you to, let go of the past; allow yourself to be cleaned up, allow GOD to prepare you for your next level in HIM.

Do not resist the fire, GOD’s fire – it purifies.

Do not resist the breaking and melting and re-moulding; GOD’s the Potter, you’re the clay – you’re being made for and to HIS delight, HIS pleasure.

Do not run out of the waters; go through it – GOD’s in it with you.

To your being fit for your MASTER’s use, . . .

P.S.: If you still don’t get who Bumble-Bee is, leave a comment and ask! 😉

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