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Embarrassed at Student's Discovery

"Go away!" giving her a pat on the back, as we both faced either end of the corridor.

Two minutes ago, Cynthia looked rather excited to see me walking towards her.

"Miss, I have something to tell you!" She animatedly announced with her hands cupped around her mouth like she was about to tell me a secret that was only reserved for the sacred few.

I bowed my head as though in holy awe of the divine intel that was about to enter my human ears.

"Miss, I googled you and found your books online," she whispered as her eyes got even wider with wonder.

Still shy about students knowing that their math teacher is also a 4-time author, I embarrass easy.

I had no response but my default 3-syllabic one, "Go away," with a smile on my face that said I have no words for you right now.

As we went our separate ways, I heard her explain her latest discovery to her mate, Mary.

She wasn't the first to discover my books online and would probably not be the last.

One student even bought one off Amazon and came back to school for me to sign it!!

Maybe I'll just come 'clean' one day and donate copies to the school library.

Or let the news spread organically?

Hmm, what do you think?

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