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draMATHic Two – Rectangle

If you haven’t read part One yet, you can do so here. Remember to subscribe to get the next one in this series.

Teacher: Good morning class. We’re starting off today with learning to work out the area of a rectangle.

Alex with his hand up, says, Sir. Mr T: Yes, Alex. Alex: Our PE teacher hasn’t taught us that workout yet.

Mr T: *confused face* I’m lost, I don’t understand what you’ve just said. Nadia: Sir, it’s because you said “work out”. He thinks a rectangle is an exercise! Mr T: Oh! Thanks Nadia. Alex, by “work out”, I meant calculating the area of a rectangle. Do you know what a rectangle is? Alex: Yes Sir. It’s a shape with four sides and four right angles. Mr T: Correct. Well done Alex!

Mr T to the rest of the class: does anyone know how we can calculate its area? Maddie: Length times width. Alex: How are rectangles and food, wheat, related? Class erupts in laughter, leaving Alex confused.

Maddie, spelling it out for him: not w-h-e-a-t, w-i-d-t-h Alex: Oh! So what does wid-th mean? Maddie: how wide something is. Alex: so why isn’t it pronounced wyd-th? It would be easier to understand.

Mr T mutters under breath, shaking head: Lord, have mercy! Mr T, with his head up, looking exasperated: Thanks for your kind explanation, Maddie. So to find the area of a rectangle, we multiply its length by its width. Alex: Sir, I’m not sure but I was wondering if length then means how long the rectangle is? Rest of class: YES!

Benny the bully pipes up: How can someone be so clueless! James: That’s why his name is Alex, A-less!

Mr T: Benny & James, that’s unfair. You owe Alex an apology. Benny & James, muttering: Sorry, Alex. Alex: no problem. Mr T, to the whole class: How do we work out the area of a rectangle? Class: multiply the length and the width.

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